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Diva thinks she is a dog

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Okay, I have had Diva for almost a week now. And I swear she thinks she is a dog.

1. She comes when I call her

2. She puts her front paws up on the counter and starts running in circles when I feed her

3. I noticed this one tonight, if she hears a cat in the yard, she runs out of the room growling, and makes a barking type noise.

4. She likes to sleep at my feet when I am at the computer.
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No one else thinks its funny?
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Whisky mostly comes when I call him, but probably not like Diva.

Those other things though...yes, funny! But when you are around dogs, you tend to pick up some traits.
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She's a "puppy cat"
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Puppy-cat! That's funny!

Diva sounds like a terrific girl, Scott. You're lucky to have her.
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LOL Remember that HORRIBLE cartoon catdog???lol All my cats will come when I call them and I have 2 that will play fetch it is so cute but can get a little tiring because they would play FOREVER if I was willing to!!lolSounds like you have a guard kitty
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My kitties all come when I call them (especially if they hear that I'm in the kitchen) to see what I want.

Ferris will growl if there's a human "intruder" outside the house, Max barks at insects rather than chittering at them, and Bonnie lays at my feet and follows me from room to room.

I think you just have a really devoted little girl who is thrilled to be yours furever.
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Oh hon, each cat has their own personalities and their own quirks. It sounds like Diva is a great cat! I wish most of my cats would come when I call them, but only 2 do. 3 will raise their heads, then go back to sleep, and the other 2 I actually need to poke (funny...they are both male...maybe selective hearing? )

It will take a while to get used to Diva. The running in circles thing before dinner isn't really strange (at least in my house). A few will sit quietly, but most are running between my legs and I'm always doing the "dinner dance" every night. Most of the ones that do that were young when we got dogs so maybe they picked it up from them.

Laying at your feet when you're on the computer? Gizmo does that and it comes in handy in winter mornings when my feet are getting cold! Don't complain! You got a sweetie there!
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Diva sounds wonderful! I can only wish my little girl would come when called - my boy will come, but only if I'm rattling the Greenies bag!
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Originally Posted by Grogs View Post
She's a "puppy cat"

That was one of my nick names for Mr Jinx
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Trout as well....she drinks out of the toilet and plays fetch!
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Mr Jinx used to drink out of the toilet when he was younger
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Sounds like a great cat. The only time my Sparky comes is when I ask the dogs if they want to go out, then she runs to the door with them So either she thinks she's a dog too, or just one very sneaky cat
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