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Nakita is back from the vet, but...

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Hello Everyone~
Sorry I haven't written for a while, but Nakita has been in the vet's office for a few days. I brough him home today and he is quite lethargic and has diahrrea. I was told that the diahrrea would stop, but the vet mentioned that Nakita may be allergic to some food. We have been feeding him Iams hairball formula, and were wondering if maybe we could try something else until the diahrrea subsides. Other than that, he seems to be going very well. He has been sleeping all day, and has eaten a little bit, but the food keeps on going right through him.

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Did you get a diagnoses? Is Nakita on any medication? For now, push fluids if you can Pedialyte would be good, so that Nakita doesn't become to dehydrated.
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Nakita is healthy, but he has been under a lot of stress. He was neutered today, and he is on some pain killers and antibiotics. How much does Pedialyte cost?
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Pedialyte should be relatively inexpensive.

It's about $12 in my pharmacy. It's something that is given to small children and infants when they have diarrheoa. It's a VERY mild salt solution with slight flavouring like orange, and fruit. It's easy to make up. There's about 12 packets of sachets in a box and a measuring conatiner to make sure that you put the right amount of water in. Stir and serve.

There's no need to use hot water to ensure the granules dissolve. But you can use a little warm water to help the process and top it up with cooler water to adjust the water back to room temperature.
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Here it comes in a bottle already premixed for about $6.00-

You can give Nakita some Kaoepectate, but call your vet first and ask him how much you should give. How is Nakita doing?
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Nakita is doing much better today. Before I went to work, I checked up on him. He was quite playful, but hasn't used the litter box with the shredded paper since I gave it to him. I think tomorrow I will go the store and buy some of that "Yesterday's News" and see if he is better about going in the litter box. We only have about 4 more days of this before he will be in the house and gets introduced to the other cat. That should be fun! I haven't checked up on him yet today, but I am sure he is doing quite well. I will keep you posted.

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I hope it's going well for you and Nakita.

Sending out positive energy to you and your cats.
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Today is the last day that Nakita is in quarantine. He has improved quite well since we last wrote. He has been in the basement and he is in good spirits. Tomorrow afternoon (6-3-03), he comes into the house to meet the rest of the family ( 2 dogs, and another cat). I have felt so sorry for him the last few days, as he has been cooped up in there, and just hanging out like it didn't bother him. His personality is still the same, as he is as affectionate as ever, and just loves to kiss me on the neck and nose (we haven't let him kiss on the lips yet, but he likes to do that, too). I will let you know when he comes into the house, and what sorts of new things we have to deal with then! Thanks for all of the support, and I will let you know how things are going!

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