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They are all so sweet. I can't believe what a good mommy she is. After hearing so many bad things about young mommies, I didn't expect this.
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Oh, ya have you thought of names yet?
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One that is adopted out is called Simba, I'll figure out which one when they decide. The other 4 are just named by color right now. I love them all so much! I don't know how I'll part with them when the day comes.
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Aww! Cute name!
The parting day is always so sad! I always cry...
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actually, some neutered toms still appear to have their 'package' - Chip does. this is more common, i understand, when cats are neutered as adults.
you can do a 'grab' check if Sylvester will allow it - i'd personally never try that w/Chip - he doesn't even like me to pet his hind end, much less grab at it! if he's really neutered, you won't feel anything much - testicles would be fairly firm balls.
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He is very tame, so I'll check. I really have a feeling it was him. He's been standing at our back door wanting in in the worst way. It's like he knows. We're definatly keeping Coral away from him till she's spayed. Just in case.
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We always called one of our foster kittens K2 because sge was the second kitten the end we left that as her name, but we spelt it Kaytu...hehe
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Very cute name actually! It sounds really fancy, yet it was just plain fact.
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Hehe, thanks
I love naming cats!
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How are Coral and the kittens doing by the way?
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