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Help Please!

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I have a cat outside that got pregnant well she started labor and had one kitten about maybe 12:30 today and she hasnt had anymore is it likely for her to only have one? She seems fine and is resting and the kitten seems in good shape and looks just like her orange. But do sometimes cats only have one kitten. Thanks for any help i may get.
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Cats can have just one kitten, yes.
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Please don't let your mommy cat outside as she can get pregnant again right away. Keep her inside until she can be spayed. There are low cost spay and neuter all over the US. Feel free to search this site for locations near you.
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I have her up in a cage now. I was going to get her spayed because i already got one female spayed that i had. But my husband was layed off and money is hard to come by. I know she needs spayed and will do this as soon as i have money to. But i just was worried about her and wanted to know if it was possible for her to have only one kitten and no more. Because i thought i felt two in there when she first got pregnant. But maybe i was wrong. Thanks.
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to be on the safe side I would take her to the vet. My feral kitty just had only three babies, so i'm sure it is possible for them to have one. Good like with the new little one! And I hope momma and baby are doing well. I would love to see a pic!!
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