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Question of the Day March 14th

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Today's question is:

What is your favorite kind of juice?

I like the combination juices like banana/strawberry or mango/passionfruit occasionally, however my favorite has always been and I suppose always will be Welch's Grape Juice. I like both the white and purple.
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Cranberry Blueberry!
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Apple juice.
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I like apple but Welch's Grape Juice is my favorite!
No preference, white grape or regular.
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I like White Grape juice. When I am sick I crave Apple juice. I will drink bottles and bottles of Apple juice when I am sick I swear it makes me feel better.
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I like the V8 V-Fusion Peach Mango
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OJ... totally addicted
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Ruby red grapefruit juice, I also like cranberry juice and cran-raspberry juice. I'd much rather drink juice or lemonade, than soda.
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OJ is the house juice-the not from concentrate kind. I like orange pineapple juice too.
Sometimes to change it up I'll get some cranberry juice making sure that its 100% juice not a juice drink which IMO is not better than soda.
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Apple juice
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Oh heck I'm boring, my fav good ol orange juice.
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My favourite juice has to be apple It goes nicely with a fry up breakfast...
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[quote][Oh heck I'm boring, my fav good ol orange juice./QUOTE]

Me, too, but I don't really drink any kind of juice very often. I do like black cherry juice when I can find it, but it usually has another juice mixed with it.
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OJ -- not from concentrate -- with as much pulp as possible. Obviously fresh squeezed is best, but Tropicana is pretty fine, too.
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V8 tomato juice....yummmmmmmm!

any other type of juice..not a big fan at all.
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Apple juice for me or orange and passionfruit! No pulp please!
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hmmmmm. Thats a toughie.

I like good ol' traditional OJ (pulp free)....but my favorite juice would be a mixture with orange, banana and strawberry OR OJ and Cranberry.

It's easier to say what I don't like: veg juice, pineapple, or grape.
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I have acid reflux so I can't drink much juice. I usually just drink milk, tea or water.

Sometimes I'll buy the low acid OJ which I think tastes a little better than regular OJ...but then I foget it's in the fridge and it expires.
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Unsweetened 100% cranberry.
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I love V-8 Splash juice! preferably the berry blend.
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Apple Juice!
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Raspberry-Apple juice
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It is a tie between tomato and grapefruit. I also like orange juice, but I will only drink Simply Orange...anything else tastes like booze to me.
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