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Saturday!! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!

Sunny and cool this morning but the temps are suppose to go up later today and stay there for the next few days...

My brother is dropping off some new planter boxes he made for me after lunch so I plan on spending the afternoon checking my planters, and doing a little outside clean up I didn't get done last fall. I don't really have a lawn but I do have a super large deck which is almost as big as my whole apartment so I have tons of space for planters and such.

The new planters are much bigger then my others. I am going to use two for tomato's and peppers, one for a small herb garden and one for lavender and bee balm( smells like lemon). Of course that won't be for at the very least two more months but I enjoy the preparing and planning as well.

After that am going to have the rest of the Mushroom Soup I made yesterday for dinner and watch a movie this evening...

Boy I lead such an exciting life.

The kitties are watching a feud between the black squirrels and the blue jays at the bird feeder right now.

Everyone have a great day
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I have such and exciting day planned.

First I am going to throw in a load of laundry and then I am going to strip my bed and change the sheets. If that wasn't enough excitement for the morning I am also going to mop my floors and clean the bathroom today Oh joy!

After I finish doing all of those wonderful chores I am going to make my DH some homemade Apple Crisp and Coconut Macaroons so he has something to snack on during the week. Tonight for dinner I am going to make a big pot of Dirty Rice and we can eat the left overs tomorrow and I wont have to cook and can just relax.

Hope everyone has a great day.
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It's cool outside, rainy/drizzly and overcast.

Once I get some coffee in me, I'll start some laundry, do some cleaning, and then head off to my friend's house to pick her and her son up for a couple of meetings this afternoon. We both run/handle stuff for a local sci-fi convention and they're doing the walk through of the new hotel today... Then our club meeting right after that... get home, finish up some stuff, maybe finish the lines on my last project for design class.

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House cleaning day
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Well my day is kinda ruined since my car is in the shop since 1pm and don't know when it will be finished and the really bad thing is it's going to cost me big bucks. Soooo I went out with my sister and we did some shopping at Petco and then Walmart. I picked up a new scratching table for Autumn since the old one was falling apart. It has the flat table top and the tunnel under it, Autumn is still getting used to her new toy Now I'm stuck in the house till I can go pick up my car, hope everyone is having a nice Saturday
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Well I'm kind off being lazy today. I vacuumed the area where my old vanity was and worked on refluffing the areas of the carpet where the legs sat. Then decided to move another dresser to that spot, more vaccum action and carpet fluffing. Boy does my carpet need to be shampooed! Then had to rearrange my lone dresser to fit the stuff that was in the vanity.

Did some knitting and watched another episode of the Tudors.

Joined LinkedIn and working on my profile as well.

Its sunny and 43F today with a breeze-with temps to reach 50F tomorrow I may attempt to hang out some laundry. Still lots of snow to melt I can see about 15% of my lawn. And still lrage snowpiles too.

Not sure what I'm eating for dinner yet however.
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Well we were SUPPOSED to take the kids to the petting zoo, but it is raining so we just stayed indoors and did some crafts and we will make pizzas and watch movies later.I have also managed to wash clothes,vacume,dust,cook 2 meals so far and tend to my hubby because he has the flu.
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Watching Wildfire on DVD and on ITunes,Reading The Will of the Empress by Tamera Pierce,and drinking a nice cold diet pepsi.
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I did absolutely nothing today but nap and read and eat! Actually, all I really ate was ice cream!

I did my dishes, am doing a load of laundry (whites with bleach), and then I want to tidy up the kitchen. I have so many plastic containers that they are overflowing into a large plastic storage bin. I want to clean off the top and throw some of that stuff out (old lunch bags, plastic drinking bottles etc).

Later tonight I'm phoning a friend out east.
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I did a deep clean of the apartment today. My parents were coming to visit so I had to get things cleaner than they were. It really needed it too, especially after being gone last weekend and not having any time to clean this past week.

Had a nice dinner with my parents here, and now playing on the computer. That's about it for tonight. I'm trying to catch up on all my shows I DVR'd the past two weeks.

Have a good night everyone!
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I volunteered at the animal shelter today!
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