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Sophie and my singing

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I have been known to turn the radio or CD player on when no one is home and give my kitties what I like to call a little umm concert lol. This is not something I would do for human ears ever, really not ever.

Anyways some songs they just let me sing and dance around like the idiot I am and just stare at me. (They really are a captive audiance)

Sophie is not a cuddly cat by anymeans. She is a spoiled little princess. She does not want to be held at all, she will not crawl in your lap to cuddle. The only time she will cuddle with you is when you are in bed and she thinks you are asleep. Then she will come up check to make sure you are asleep or atleast pretending to be asleep then she will curl up and go to sleep under your chin. Until you open your eyes or move then she jumps up and runs and looks at you like umm I wasn't laying there. I don't know who you thought you saw but it wasn't me, uh uh, no way.

Anyways one day I played this one song Blake Sheltons Home if any of you are familiar with it. I was sitting on my couch and was singing along. She jumps into my lap, starts kneading me and lays down and stares at me while I sang soon as the song was over she got up and left.

The next time I played the song she jumps up on the arm of the couch and starts meowing at me. I sat down, starting singing and she jumps in my lap and turns into this complete cuddle bug. I turned on another song started to sing and she left me lmao. I turn the Blake Shelton song on and she runs across the room and jumps into my lap and meows at me and lays down.

It is the funniest thing. There are only a few songs she will do that with. Other songs she could care less about but if you play
Trans Siberians Christmas Canon, Blake Sheltons Home or Evanescence and I sing to them she turns into a completely different cat who sings, cuddles and will actually put her face up to you and stare lovingly into your eyes.

I am trying to figure out if she really likes my singing or I am hurting her ears and she is trying to get me to stop by distracting me lol.

I told my family about it one night. They all thought I was nuts. So I turn on the CD player played one of her songs, she was in the bedroom and we were in the livingroom and she was making me look like an idiot because she wouldn't come out. I started quietly singing and here she comes running out of the bedroom and right into my lap. They all thought it was hysterical.

Now when anyone of them come home and she is in my lap they tell me Hmmm I missed you singing to the cat again huh?
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LOL that is sooooooo cute and your Sophie reminds me of my Princess, she is the same way about cuddles ONLY on her terms!!lol
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LOL that is hysterical! Sophie not only looks like my Maggie, but also sounds like her too! She'll constantly follow me or play with me but the only time she'll cuddle is when I lay in bed! At least she doesn't wait for me to fall asleep. I've gotten the ears back and a paw in the face singing to her before, maybe I'll try a different song LOL I've got a few Evanescence songs ... maybe she's just picky like Sophie!
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The funny thing about Sophie is I have been with her since she was born. You would think she would be affectionate as she has been around people all her life but she isn't. She wants to be near people but doesn't want you to mess with here. She follows me all over the house but as soon as I turn around and look at her she runs off like I wasn't following you. I don't know why she doesn't want me to know she wants to be close to me it is the funniest thing.
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Oh how funny!

If I sing lullabyes to Mony at night, she comes and lays on my chest and listens intently. If I sing at any other time of day, she isn't interested.
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That's too cute!
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Awwwww, how cute!
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That's so cool!!! How cute is she?!?!?
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must say I don't know Trans Siberians Christmas Canon or Blake Sheltons Home - but I'll bet they require you to sing quite high tones?

Anything high pitched or a whistle will send my kitty purring extatically and making a b- line for who ever is singing.

Can you whistle? Try whistling a song to her to see how she reacts

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Here is a link to her all time favorite song. She will run and curl in your lap and mew at you while purring and staring lovingly into your eyes while you sing it to her.
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