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Home from Australia (with pics!)

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I've just spent 2 weeks in Australia spending time with the family. My nan is elderly and has stage 4 lymphoma, so I went back pretty much to say bye to her. It was a great trip though, and I got to spend a lot of quality time with my family.

So here's some pics!

This is flying into Sydney as the sun was rising

Looking over Sydney Harbour

At the Sunshine Coast, the area my nan lives, and where I spent a lot of my childhood

Sunset at my aunt's house

My aunts resident frilly necked lizard

My aunts very cute resident frog

And "Kylie the kangaroo", which I got for a friends daughter - I took pics of her trip to the US

First flight from Brisbane to Sydney

Transferring to the international terminal in Sydney

On the Virgin plane to the US

And watching a movie....

I'm at LA airport with one more plane to catch, but I don't think I'll be lucky enough to have another spare seat next to me, but I'll make sure I get a photo somehow
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Welcome home!!

Those pictures are great! I'm hoping to go to Australia in November: West Coast though.

I love the kangaroo pictures! They made me laugh out loud. I'm sure your friend's daughter will love them!!
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Sorry to hear about your nan!!

Great pics! Very pretty!
I love the kangaroo watching movies all buckled in!
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The pictures are beautiful. What a beautiful place to grow up. I love the pics of "Kylie". So funny!!!
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Sorry to hear about you grandmother, Sarah. I love the pics. The first is a fave because I love the sunset, but I have to admit, the last is my absolute favorite. Kylie looks so chill in her headphones. She's a real flying pro.

P.S. I would love to see more pics of you girls when you get home, especially of Smudge.
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Okay, is it fair that Kylie has now officially traveled more than I have in the last few years? No fair!

Great pictures Sarah! Welcome back!
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Our hot rod club has a stuffed pink flamingo that has been all over the world. Whoever is going on vacation takes him along.
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The pictures are great, Sarah. I wasn't aware you were going back home but it's lovely to know you got to spend some special time with your nan.
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So sorry to hear about your grandmother!

Glad you had a nice trip! Great pics!
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Love the kangaroo pics!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Love the kangaroo pics!
Too funny
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Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. Australia is one place I always wanted to visit but now that I'm afraid to fly, I guess I'll never get there.
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Nice photos!

Glad you had a wonderful trip!
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I won't ever get to Australia either, so thank you for sharing your trip! I'm glad you're home safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm also really glad you had a great time. I bet your family was excited to have the time with you.

The kangaroo pics were too cute - she is going to LOVE them!

Welcome back!

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Oh, thank you for the flying-into-Sydney picture -- I love nothing better than photos taken from a plane! And I never dreamed I'd see a flying kangaroo!

I'm glad you had a chance to see your grandma, and glad you're back safe...
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