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Saturday Mornings....

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Just aint what they used to be. I remember growing up, Saturday morinings consisted of Transformers, GI Joe, He Man, and MANY MANY other cartoons including X-Men, Spiderman, Power Rangers and more. NOW, I switch to Fox in the mornings, and all I see are infomercials for ron popeil's miracle outboard motor-powered potato peeler. Thank God for cable and Disney XD. I may be 31, but I still like waking up on Saturday and eating Cap'n Crunch and watching cartoons.
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Well, I'm a bit older than you; my Saturdays as a kid consisted of watching Sky King & eating a bowl of Trix. Course, by the time I was 12 I had an early morning paper route, so my days of leisure were at an end.
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Mine and my 2 brothers Saturday mornings consisted of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show with a bowl of dry Cheerios. I don't remember Sky King, but do remember Johnny Quest.
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I used to watch Scooby Doo and eat Coco Puffs.

I should buy some Coco Puffs when I go the the grocery store today. I can tell DH I just want to go down memory lane one morning.
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Lol, I am 30 so I watched the same cartoons as Scott. *sigh* The cartoons now are awful!!
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A few more of my favorites from that time period of the 1990's were Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Spiderman Unlimited.
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Hah, good thread. I, too, recall waking up at 7am running downstairs popping two waffles in the toaster and sitting right in front of the tube come Saturday morning. Cartoons on every channel from 7-10am.

Quite the pity that kids these days don't have these luxuries these days.

That and Looney toons used to be on TV all the time. I haven't been able to catch it in years.
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Tom and Gerry
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I remember watching the Pink Panther, the old ones where it was just musical and no words except for a few in French every so often. And George of the Jungle. And Sesame Street. Sigh, the good ole days. Cartoons now are awful, all computer drawings, blech
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For me, it was all Looney Tunes (2 hours worth!) and Tom & Jerry!
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And - - Beenie & Cecil
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I was pretty spoiled. I would wake up, go downstairs and lay on the couch, and hollar for my mom to wake up. She then would go to McDonald's to get me breakfast. It didn't happen every Saturday, but a lot of them. Oh, those were the days. Cartoons are definitely not like they used to be. I loved watching Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Snorkels, Shirt Tales, and many, many others.
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Something strange keeps guys and their cartoons inseparable throughout their lives. My boyfriend still watches cartoons sometimes Okay so it may be Naruto or Bleach some kiddie anime show, it's still cartoons to me. I can't stand cartoons lol. My favorite cartoons when I was a kid were the little mermaid, the gummi bears- it was mostly girly stuff and I now watch mostly chick flicks lol but I could never go back to watching the little mermaid so I dont' understand how guys still like to watch cartoons...
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I used to love Saturday mornings as a kid. My mom was very strict about the amount of television I could watch (30 minutes a day), but on Saturday mornings I could watch until noon!

Some of my favorites were:
The Adventures of Little Koala
Real Ghostbusters
Rainbow Brite
Care Bears

And Fraggle ROCK!

I used to get sooooooo annoyed when Soul Train would come on at 12pm. It meant that cartoons were over!
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Did anyone watch Garfield and Friends?
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Rocky & Bullwinkle, the old original with Boris & Natasha and Fractured Fairytales... it was brilliantly written!

Mighty Mouse was my first crush...

Loved Underdog too...

Dudley Dooright the Canadian mountie was another well-written one...

And even that hokey Fireball XL7 with the puppets was fun to laugh at.
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I can't tell if I'm older or younger than some of you, because you're naming cartoons i've never even heard of!

('cept Garfield, but i never watched that. I preferred reading the comic strip and having a voice associated with Garfield never set well with me for some reason)
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LOL, why is it that was complained about getting out of bed mon-fri, but come saturday we were up before the sun and parked in front of the TV with cereal in hand without our parents getting us up?

My favorites were Looney Tunes (could watch them for hours!!), Spiderman, Oh....what is the one that had the team was the "nasty rottens" or something like that. Josie and the pussicats. Scooby-doo. Oh, I can almost taste the fruitloops now!

Hey anyone else remember the "Big Blue Marble"? It wasn't animated but still a good show.
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I sat and watched both to the end and was tempted to go get some cereal

Hey remember the RoadRunner?

Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Loved Underdog too...
OHH I loved Underdog!!
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I love the looney tunes, I am quite sad they don't show it anymore
i still remember half of those cartoons you mentioned, I remember while living in italy they had heaps of other cartoons the names escape me now though!
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I just heard that they are bringing back GI Joe, its called GI Joe Resolute and it features better animation and a PG-13 written story by Warren Ellis. It looks as it will be featuring all the old characters, Duke, Roadblock and Snake Eyes.
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Wow, you folks were spoiled. Saturday mornings at our house meant doing the farm chores and in the winter we had to go back in the woods with dad and cut wood. In the summer we had to go get the hay in after the chores were done and split the dry wood with an ax and put it in the woodshed for winter. Or, in summer we also had to weed the garden. No TV for us.

Now that I'm all grown up, I get my coffee and sit down with my weekend newspaper which is mega-thick and read it from front to back. Oh, I get a couple loads of laundry done in between but mostly I do only what I want to do. In the warm weather I sit outside on the deck in the shade to read my paper.
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