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Just a quick capture

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Been agonizing over school as of late and decided to take a quick break in which I took a capture of the kitty.

Nothing really special. I really need to start practicing taking pictures again. It took me 5 shots to get this one decent shot. Black kitties are a nightmare to photograph.

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They are, but you sure got this guy! He's a handsome devil.
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Oooooh, what a lovely cat. What is his/her name? (I think it's a boy, but I can't say for sure). I think you need to take lots more pictures because, you know, practice makes perfect.
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What a beautiful kitty
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Gorgeous kitty! What a lovely pose!
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Thanks for the comments.

The picture is of my male cat, Enzo, I found abandoned in my neighborhood back in September 2008.
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That's a great pic. He looks like he's used to posing for pics. Beautiful cat.
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I love that pic, he looks like he is saying, " here I am, and im ready for my close up"
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Did you name him after this?

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Yep. Except my kitty is Enzo Furrari, to avoid copyright infringement.

Another car guy I take it?
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/Thread jack/

Given your location, have you been to the Carlisle show? Man, I would love to go there at least once, being a bit of a Ford guy.
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