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Bad news/good news about Sheba and "asthma"

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I had my Sheba at the vet's last week where she was tentatively diagnosed with a chest infection and asthma. She was given steroids and Clavamox and we were instructed to come back if it didn't improve. Well, it did improve--to the point of really being a non-issue---until last night. Sheba had no voice at all and this morning she had 2 episodes of coughing. We'd finished the Clavamox on Tuesday evening.

Back to the vet today. We saw a different doctor and he gave her a nose to tail exam. Recommended a chest x-ray and bloodwork. Based on that she came back with a new diagnosis---pneumonia! Soooooo, she's on two weeks of doxycycline with instructions to let them know if that doesn't fix it and to bring her in again if it gets worse.

Things seem fairly mild at this point and he suspects the Clavamox knocked most of the infection out, but once it was stopped, it was beginning to take hold again. The doxy should do the trick.

It would be really nice if this means she really doesn't have asthma!!!! I'm crossing fingers/toes/EVERYTHING! LOL

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I would wait and see if its asthma.
If it is I know a lot about asthma.
My Coco has had it since she was very young and she is 17 now.
They vet should be able tell on the xray if its asthma unless its a bad vet like the idiot that told em Coco had cancer and a tilted heart when it was bronchitis with pneumonia and asthma and a bad uri.
I hope your cat feels better.

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The x-ray showed a consolidated area of "yuck" which makes pneumonia a much more likely diagnosis. At this point, it's still somewhat a "wait and see" thing. However, to me, it sounds hopeful that it's "just" pneumonia.

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It could be.
How old is she?
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She will be 3 in June. She's always been quite healthy.
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Best wishes that Sheba makes a complete recovery, and I hope it turns out not to be a chronic condition - but, at least she has a great mommy if she's going to be stuck with something!
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