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Best automatic cat feeder?

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Well obviously the best feeder is getting a relative, neighbour, or cat sitter to come in and feed the girls if I have to work late.
But, on the occasions when I do have to work late and can't find a suitable human stand in, what is the best automatic cat feeder, and how much should I expect to pay?
I've seen the cat mate 20, which looks good:
or, the one I really like is the andrew james one:
you can record a message for your cat!
Would that scare or confuse them though? Hearing meowmy's voice when she's no where to be found?
What do you think?
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We have two:

Petmate LeBistro automatic. This one is good because it has a 5 lb reservoir at the top, and it can be programmed for 3 different feeding times daily. It dispenses a set amount from 1/4cup -2 cups into a bowl at the bottom and the bowl is big enough for two kitties to stick their heads in. I really like this feeder. This one was about $70, Amazon has it for $55
Our other feeder is a "Petsafe" 5 meal feeder. This one has a rotating tray with 5 compartments. It's only big enough for one kitty's head. This one works well for a single cat, but probably not for multiple cats. This one was about $60

For water, we have a regular Petmate LeBistro. It has a reservoir that empties into a shallow bowl as the bowl empties. This one is big enough for one kitty's head. We only leave this one out when we're gone. About $10.

We also have a Drinkwell Platinum. This one is out and on every day. It has a built in reservoir also. The bowl is big enough for more than one kitty to drink from. About $60
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