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URI for 6 months?

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Hey all, I was wondering if anyone could help me with ideas for my female cat Bonnie:

She’s 1 year old
My other cats have both been infected with URI
We have had her for 6 months
We got her from a cage free rescue center so she was in a small room with about 20 other cats.

Not sure what else to add. She is eating well, playing well, drinking, pooping, and urinating. Her only symptoms are that she wheezes, or her nose will make whistling noises (all the time, it never goes away). She used to sneeze greenish/yellow mucus but last time that happened was about a month ago. One last thing, her nose used to be a cute pink, it looks paler in color now. She just seems like she has trouble breathing.

I am coming to think it is not URI, everything I have read said it usually only lasts up to 6 weeks…. This has been 6 months. Has anyone had this before? Could it be some sort of sinus thing? What was your outcome? Any ideas will be appreciated.

Also, as a side note, I do have an Veterinary appointment on Wednesday for this, but I do not have faith in my Vet at all or any other Vet in my area so I am trying to find things out myself to bring up to the Vet.

Thanks all.
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First of all, whatever she has is now chronic. Whether that be allergies, asthma, herpes virus, or a long term bacterial infection. I'm sure that others can add to my list here. Because it can be any of these things, its not going to be easy to diagnose.

Things like allergies, asthma and herpes will drag a cat's system down, which opens them up to bacterial infections. If you want an actual diagnose, the vet will need to run a blood test to look for out of balance white/red blood cells. Your vet might just assume bacterial infection due to the length that she has been sick and prescribe antibiotics. If they do, ask for a broad spectrum one that is very strong. Whenever I've had cats with chronic conditions, I ask for Zithromax.

First you need to knock off any bacterial infection to see if the condition persists. If it's herpes, ask the vet about L-Lysine, and ask for the prescribed dose for your cat's weight. They will have a gel formula for it, but you can buy it online in powder for that you mix into their food or water for a fraction of the cost (like the difference of $10 a week versus pennies a week).

Allergies can be diagnosed, but the source of the allergy is usually isolated only through process of elimination on your part.

Someone else probably has more ideas. I don't have experience with asthma.
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Two things: have her tested for Herpes and have a culture and sensitivity test done on the mucous. She might have a secondary infection that the herpes is keeping from totally clearing up. The culture and sensitivity test will pinpoint exactly what's causing the green snot and then the sensitivity test will help know what antibiotic will most effectively treat it.

My Hannah had a recurring URI last year from about March-October. In April, we found out she has Herpes and have made dietary changes that have helped. In November, we had a culture & sensitivity test done and found out she had a secondary pseudomonas infection. She went through 2 rounds of antibiotics, 20 days each, and it brought it down to a trace. Now, we're just watching her and she's doing great!
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Also, because "her nose used to be a cute pink, it looks paler in color now" I believe this little baby needs to be checked for possible anemia as well.
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