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Cat living in donated couch!

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I thought this was a very nice story. Woman bought a used couch that contained a "stowaway"...lucky for kitty the person who bought the couch worked at an animal shelter
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Cute story.
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Poor lil baby must have been scared out of her mind! Sooo glad the story ended the way it did!
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Poor kitty! Be sure to check your furniture before you donate it, lol.
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I think I would know if my cat hung out inside my couch. That guy is pretty clueless about his pet.
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Don't gang up on me ok.

I got a little giggle out of this story. Only because of the thought of buying a couch and hearing mews coming from it.....hmmmm, maybe I can use that to get another kitty since my hubby is against them I AM kidding.

With the giggle aside, I'm glad this story worked out the way it did. Cats can get into weird places quite easily and become stuck. It is quite possible for the owner to not realise it especially if the cat is one who prefers not being around too much. My kitty on the other hand, is always around me.... I'd worry if I went 30mins without seeing him.

From one of the articles
After days of searching for the source of the noise, she found a very hungry calico cat living in her sofa.
I can't help but wonder how many days? I would imagine that within a day or two of having the couch home, it would smell of cat poo/urine. I can't imagine the cat "holding it" for days.

I'm very glad the cat is ok and back home.
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i actually heard this story at the bar last nite...cause ya matter where i go cats always come up
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I read this story last week, really bizarre! Poor kitty!
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