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Daily Thread TGIF March 13th!

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Ooooooooooh, Friday the 13th! I didn't even realize it until just now! It is pay day today too! And, its going to be mild today!

Good morning folks!

I am thrilled it is Friday, I love for the weekends. We are so busy lately..I haven't done anything productive in a while. I am heading to the gym tonight though. Then we are going to make some healthy dinner afterwards.

Not much else for tonight..probably rent some movies, and I let Josh know that I need a massage..I am sore for some reason.

Anyhoo, have a great day folks!
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Eek Friday the 13th!!

Well its sunny and we are finally on a warming trend, hopefully the winter weather and cold temps are behind us. Lower 30's today then into the low 40's for the weekend.

I have to get the bulbs I bought tuesday started and the seed trays ready for seed starting this weekend.

Also working on more thinning of my stuff for a rummage sale in May. Going to have to start stashing the bags and boxes in the basement. Lots of stuff-going to work on thinning my CD collection and perhaps some paperback books.

This should occupy a few hours of my day.

Nothing exciting planned for the weekend-the high school girls state basketball tourney started yesterday so that will occupy the TV watching for the weekend!

Have a good one...................
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Thanks for reminding me that today is payday - YAHOO!!! That means more money in the Gift Fund, more money in Savings and more money in the Vacation Fund. I love the way that feels!

Definitely thankful it's Friday. I've been slightly off all week due to the time change. I'm always hyper-sensitive to that sort of thing. Any amount of missed sleep messes me up, so I have a feeling I'll sleep in for a long time on Saturday morning.

I'm working today and have no plans for this evening other than to go to PetSmart and buy cat food (we're down to our last can). I'm sure I'll be petting all the adoptable kitties there as well.
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TGIF! That means my hubby is coming home tomorrow!!
I'm super excited..

OHHH, and my hubby's daughter is supposed to come over today! I'll take some photos!
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Good morning! Still cold here, but warming up. Should be better by tomorrow!

I go for my massage today. I'm soooo excited! I hope it's a good one this time!

I have some phone calls to make this afternoon and some letters to write. Other than that, probably laundry.

I may rent a VOD movie this evening and lounge on the couch.
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Cool and rainy today. I didn't sleep so hot last night, so I'm not feeling all that hot this morning. Not sick, just not great. I finally drug myself into work sometime around 10. I still plan to go by the gym unless I feel bad at the end of the day too. Then it's home to maybe watch a bit of TV with a cat or two on my lap.
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Morning All!!!

Cold here this morning but it is suppose to warm up and be nice all weekend, we may just get up to 10C by Sunday Winter is on the downhill slide.

Have several things to do today, some laundry, scrub my kitchen floor, and give my bathroom a good cleaning.

Other then those things I am just going to putter at the computer a bit and make some Cream of Mushroom Soup. I went shopping yesterday and they had Portabella mushrooms on special.

The kitties are good today, lounging in various places around the house but I am sure they will try t be helpful once I start the laundry.

Everyone have a good day
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Good Afternoon Everyone!

I don't have much planned for today it is my last weekday off before I go back to work Monday so I am just going to putter around today. It is Friday and we will have dinner delivered tonight.

I think DH and I will just watch movies tonight and have a quiet night at home.

Hope everyone has a great day
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Cash check, go pick up Twilight (ugh, DH wants to see it ), Chrysalis, and Punisher, and spend most of the day cleaning.
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It's a beautiful day here today also, very sunny and in the 40's. I just have to go grocery shopping a bit later yuck. I dislike grocery shopping, it's a pain. Enjoy your day everyone and let's hope we don't get any more snow and ice
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Originally Posted by SamLovesBA View Post
TGIF! That means my hubby is coming home tomorrow!!
I'm super excited..
Is your hubby gone alot too?

Mine has been gone M-F for the past couple months It sucks because I'm not used to it. He's working on building a new building and heavily involved so it makes more sense for him to stay down there instead of driving back and forth each day.

Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Morning All!!!

Cold here this morning but it is suppose to warm up and be nice all weekend, we may just get up to 10C by Sunday Winter is on the downhill slide.
same here. The sun is out now, last I checked it was -2 which isn't too bad, but this weekend is supposed to be nice all weekend, sunny and no rain
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