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I'm So Excited! (Massage Tomorrow!)

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Tomorrow morning I go for a massage with that new massage therapist, Kyle! I so hope that it's a whole lot better of an experience than at that other place I went to 3 times.

I'll report back!
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WoW that sounds great! Can't wait to hear how Kyle ... your massage went
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Hoping you had a successful massage!
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Finally!!! A great massage!!

He didn't cut into my hour by sitting there for 20 minutes interviewing me and having me do range of motion movements.

He didn't do any of that isolated pokey/diggy stuff!

My back feels great and I feel so relaxed, which is what I have been wanting!

I booked again for March 24th and again for April 10th.
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Great that you finally found the place to go! It's like finally finding that hair stylist that knows what they're doing and what you want!
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Kyle warned me that I would be sore, like I had worked out. I'm now just starting to feel that in my neck and shoulders. But it's not really uncomfortable.
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Natalie, that's awesome! I'm glad you finally found a masseuse that knows what you need. I know I went through that battle several years ago until I found Laurie, the woman who does mine now.

If I drink LOTS of water, it helps with the soreness. And since I prefer the "pokey/diggy" stuff, I need it!
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Great news Linda! A good massage is the best! I found my massage therapist last year and I have had 3 with her I think..I love her, she is this tiny woman with stroooooooooooong hands.
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