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Ricky Bobby has just refused wet for the first time! WHY? It's a brand and flavor he has always liked, By Nature organics Turkey & Liver. I got up to feed him and he ran to the kitchen like he always does and watched me serve him. I put it down for him to eat, he smelled it and just looked at me. Then "buried" it. I was so happy that I don't have a finicky eater. He's not bored, I give him a great variety of wet food to prevent boredom. He ate it this morning with no issues. *sigh* I'll leave it out for 20 minutes or so, then I'll try giving him another flavor. I'm sure it's not an issue of him not being hungry.
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All four of mine will sometimes refuse something they previously scarfed up. Sometimes the refusal only lasts a couple of "tries" and sometimes I have to stop feeding whatever it is for weeks. Usually, but not always, they'll eat it again.

I *do* wish cats weren't so difficult about food!
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It could be an 'off' can - maybe even just processed a little too much, or he's just off that variety for a while. Mine loved the little Nutro cans for over a year, suddenly hated them, so I had to try the big Nutro cans and a few other varieties, including the more superpremiums and others (they loathed Merrick) and now, two months later, just love the little Nutro cans again. Go figure.
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I guess he just wasn't in the mood for turkey. Thank night I gave him another flavor, same brand but beef flavor. He scarfed it up. The next morning I gave him the rest of the turkey can I had open and he ate it fine! I have no idea what was going through his cute little head that night! lol
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Gotta love the silly little blighters, eh? They keep life interesting!
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My guy does this all the time! He drives me nuts because things he "loves" one day, he won't touch another. He's too stubborn and I'm too much of a softie to force the issue. . . .
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