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need some feedback before I decide

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Ok. I'm the one who found the 2 sweet kittens in the barn. I also have taken in several ferals, although they don't act it. In fact, all the ferals here are like house cats. Any way...after dealing with a couple of the feral people, they have decided that I should socialize feral kittens. I really don't know about that. THey keep telling me that I have the gift, but I don't know, I don't do anything different then anyone else here. I'm not sure what would be involved. It seems that when I deal with animals they are great with me, but most of the time it is only with me. That can't be a good thing. I also fall in love with them. I'm keeping one of the kitten I found because I know no one else would want her. She's wonderful for me, but if she sees anyone else, hubby included, she will hide and not come out for hrs. For me, she love to be held on her back and for me to rub her belly. that's why I don't think I'm the one to try to socialize other kittens.

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I don't know what to tell you, except to follow your heart. Maybe you can get connected to a rescue that works with feral colonies and help rehab those babies.
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Perhaps you could work in pair with another fosterer. YOU making the first big breaktrough, and the second fosterer making the more traditional fostering. Easier now...

The best would probably be if your hubby took an active part - being this coworker I talk about...

Or someone - preferably a friend - come quite often to your place....

There are always exceptions and cats who you yourself must adopt. Like that little one you mention.
But as a rule of thumb, a good fosterer shouldnt herself adopt too many of the rescued cats... It is a joy but also a burden, and hinder her from rescuing and fostering newcomers.
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