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Nearly odorless urine ?

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My Muddy has chronic bladder issues. Repeat infections, crystals, bladder inflamation, etc. He's been switched to mostly wet food (minus fish), and C/D dry for when he eats dry (which is not much). He's also been on medication to control the PH in his urine for months now, as well as prednisone (5 mg every other day).

When his problems reoccur (he starts to go out of box), I do a slight shift in meds and he's usually good in about 2 days. But this current episode started Tuesday. I have the appointment at the vet in the morning to run tests again to see if we need to adjust his food or medications again.

While cleaning up an out of box mess this morning, I noticed that there is virtually no smell to his urine. When I held out the paper towel I used to blot it up to Stumpy for a sniff, Stumpy reacted strongly to it. So I know its urine, its just weak enough that I can't pick up the smell.

I want to prepare myself with questions for the vet in the morning. My first reaction is that we've over corrected the PH in his bladder, but honestly have never seen this before. Does anyone have ideas on what questions to ask the vet, or what tests to run? I'm going to ask for a full urinalysis that will look for crystals, blood and test his PH.

Thanks for any insights!
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Sometimes odorless urine can be a sign of very dilute urine; the concentration of it isn't high. I don't believe the pH would have much of an impact on the odor? I used to have a very old CRF kitty (chronic renal/kidney failure) and she received daily subcutaneous fluids to help give her kidneys a boost in doing their job; her urine was very very dilute and very little odor. A urinalysis should include the "specific gravity" of the urine. These indicates just how concentrated or dilute the urine is. A cat with a urine specific gravity (USG) lower than 1.030 is considered to be quite dilute and can indicate issues with the kidneys' ability to concentrate their urine.

Is kitty peeing more often/drinking than usual? Conditions like diabetes or hyperthyroidism can cause a cat to drink a lot more and their urine is often more dilute as a result.

What age is your cat?

That being said, I have 5 cats and 7 boxes :-) I recently adopted a new male (1 yr old). his urine was wicked strong (takes a while after neutering for hormones to dissipate, they say) and there was a point where I was concerned about him having a UTI a devoted cat try and monitor his peeing, I had no choice but to 'sniff' the clumps in the box (LOL) ensure he was not peeing too often (hard to determine with so many boxes, so many cats, being gone at work all day). When sniffing the other cats' clumps (as his were soooooo obvious), some had no odor at all, really........just the scent of the clumping litter. So this could be the case for your kitty, too.
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Muddy will be 6 in April. With his chronic problems (about 18 months now), we've had recent blood tests and they haven't show any issue with kidneys. He's not drinking more than normal. He had been on sub-q's for a while but we stopped that a few months back.

Muddy pretty much pees on command. He knows that peeing in front of me pleases me and he usually pees when I place him in a box. It's not excessive, unless he is peeing when I'm not around. The amount that I found (he pees on cold tiles) was fairly small actually. Not his normal full pee,.

I think I'll ask about another blood test.
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Got the results from the vet. We caught a bladder infection early on. His PH is on the acidic side, but not to worry about.

Interesting this morning. When I went to put him in the carrier, he got scared and peed on me. So I smelled my pants as I changed them and the smell was incredibly strong.

So I have another cat who has odorless urine (great). When I asked the vet this morning about what could cause that, they said what you suggested. The urine is diluted but should have been fairly clear, not the yellowish color that I cleaned up.

Now to find who else is sick. Will start with the oldest ones and work down in age.......oh the joys of a large household!
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