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Anyone else hate fingernail maintenance?

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I sure as heck do.
My nails grow fast, and if I don't keep a base coat and a couple coats of paint on em, they break easily too.
Not that they are thin or weak, just that I'm very hard on my nails.

I have two broken now, one to the quick

I don't mind the painting so much, or even the clipping, it's the filing I can't stand.

My two fingers with broken nails now feel weird, not used to having their tips exposed
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Yes. That's why I keep my nails cut as short as possible. I tend to bite my nails, so that helps also.
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I keep mine short also. I'm not 'girly' so I find it annoying ... yeah, especially filing!
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mine look like crap right now. Working at a doggy daycare is hard on the finger nails! I'm thinking about putting acrylic tips on but we have 60 dogs this weekend so I can see them dying very quickly.

My nails are usually pretty but lately I've been pretty lazy. The maintenance doesnt bother me, its when I do all the work and then break one 15 minutes later.
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I am just not into it. So I don't pain them. I keep 'em pretty short, file them only when they break, otherwise trim them up and file just enough to make sure there's no rough edges every couple of weeks. And if I have to go to a meeting, I cheat by using Neutrogena's Instant Nail Enhancer, which for a little while looks like a coat of clear.

I do like painting my toe nails though. I keep them trimmed, but I don't file them. Purple is my color.

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Mine break all the time at work, but thankfully they grow very fast. I like to buy the nail polish from my work because they like us to wear the stuff from the store.
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I don't paint mine. I gave up years ago when my nails started pitting too heavily, and painting them actually seems to make them pit more.

My nails tear easily and I get a lot of hang nails. Oh well, as long as they're clean (which they rarely are once spring and summer come along) they're fine.
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I used to polish mine, but I just hate bothering with it anymore. Lazy They grow pretty fast, so I just cut them when they get too long to type.
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Certain fingernails like the thumbs and pinky fingers grow well, then the ring fingers aren't too bad either. The others bite the dust regularly! They are brittle too. I am just not into the entire nail polishing route. I will use cuticle cream occasionally.

The toe nails are easier to maintain so I polish them up when sandal season starts!
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My fingernails hate me, I swear. I will ignore them until they start growing, and as soon as I start trying to shape them, they rip on the sides (by the quick) and I have to pull it off and start all over. I've finally decided to only file them when DH complains that I'm drawing blood when I scratch his back.

I used to be able to grow decent nails but I think computer work also causes some problems.

My question is....why are my fingernails so fragile, but my toenails are stronger than titanium?? That's just not right.
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I don't keep my nails long by any stretch of the imagination, I'm just really hard on them.
Regularly hitching trailer, raising jacks, lowering jacks, unhitching trailer, leveling trailer, loading and unloading porch and Bear's tie-out weight (a ground stake imbedded in a concrete block the size and shape of a 5 gallon bucket).
I also use my left index finger to pry under my prosthetic tooth so I can remove it to eat as the stupid thing is comsmetic only and can't be left in

I'm a tomboy, but unless I keep them cut seriously into the quick, I have to maintain them to keep them from breaking and tearing.
I also can't seem to keep them clean underneath so at least the polish hides that

My toenails, unfortunately, are very brittle, so I actually hate sandal season.
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^Sandals are dangerous. My ankles are so weak that attempting to wear sandels doesn't go so well, if I don't end up ripping the things apart.

I think one of the problems some of us are having with our nails is from getting them wet. I don't use gloves when working outside or when washing dishes.
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I used to always file and polish my nails but that stopped a long time ago. Now I keep them short and don't bother polishing them either. Sometimes tho I will polish with hard as nails to keep them looking shiny.
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Ugh, yes. I haven't painted my nails since prom! They just look terrible when I grow them out, so I keep them super short, with almost no white showing. I don't think they've ever been past my fingertips.

As for toes, I paint them occasionally in the summer, but mostly I just keep them short and clean.
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I don't mind doing my nails. They grow rather quickly, but they were peeling and chipping. I will NEVER buff them again because that has caused them to peel.

My Mom sent me this
for Christmas and it WORKS! My nails are harder than they have ever been in my life. At 49 years old, that says a lot! I don't even use it as often as recommended.

IMO, nail polish is not good for your nails. I'm not saying I don't use it. I do, because I like my nails to look pretty, but it does prevent your nails from breathing. Now I polish less and use t.i.p.s. to condition my nails. The peeling has stopped altogether and my nails are no longer bendable.

This is the kit my Mom sent me. The polish remover is better for your nails than the standard types. It is a little more affordable from QVC too.
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Originally Posted by kara_leigh View Post
Yes. That's why I keep my nails cut as short as possible. I tend to bite my nails, so that helps also.
Same here. I keep them very short. Cut them at least once a week..or I pick them like the dickens.
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