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March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month!

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I have known several people in my life affected by MS, a horrible affliction that has treatments that help some people suffering, but as yet for which there is no cure. Someone I love dearly and for whom I have ultimate respect was just recently diagnosed with MS.

For any of you that have someone you know, work with or love that has MS, if you don't know much about it - even if you don't know anyone suffering and just care about others suffering, you can learn some more here: http://www.healthcentral.com/multipl...h.html?ic=4040

I am a member of another health-related site, and a member there became friends with someone suffering from MS. She posts as Mandy Crest. As she says, "I have found that patient-to-patient support makes a noticeable difference, so let's keep helping one another." http://www.healthcentral.com/multiple-sclerosis/c/67078

For those of us not suffering, let's learn about MS during MS Awareness Month!

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To someone I love and admire, who has MS, may this month of awareness bring great things in the elmination of this disease. Open peoples minds and understanding and bring in money for research to help those suffering.
You know who you are and I send you HUGE HUGS

Thank you Laurie for posting this
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Did you know that there is an annual 150 mile bike ride to support MS? It's called the MS150 and they look for both riders and sponsors each year.

I'm too old to ride, but I do sponsor people every year. A close friend of mine donated 300 breakfast burritos to the riders in Denver last year. There are a number of ways to support this event.

I too have dear friends with the disease.

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And you can show your support and buy a pearl ribbon with your points and show it off with pride with the rest of your gifts and ribbons
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If you've ever known someone close to you who has MS, you'd understand what a horribly debilitating disease it is.

I hope this year more people support and donate so they finally find a cure.

Thanks for posting Laurie
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