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Cat's going for a walk!

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We used to have 6 cats that loved going out for walks , with our 3 dogs. One would lie around my mums neck , and the others would climb trees scaring the life out people who passed. Today when I was taking my other 2 dogs up the woods , my 15 year old cat Tail ,followed us. Right up the woods and back. And people who passed would laugh at the cat , does anyone else's cat come for walks with them? , I just think it's quite unusual.
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My aby girl always goes to the lake with me and my labrador. I often take her for long walks up there on her harness. The first time she went down the trail to the lake, she got to the bottom where it's sandy and started digging a hole. Lo and behold she then squatted over it, peed, and then covered it back up. I think she thought she had found litter box heaven!
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Bike rides....... walks...... why should cats be any different

nuff' said.
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I take walks with my cats in the garden all the time. Go and QT are brave enough to follow me out when I walk to the nearby grocery store. But they dash back home when they hear cars. I think if all of my cats were harnessed-trained, they would not mind going out for a stroll.
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When I was a kid, I had a white cat named Taz who use to walk the block with me. Actually he also jumped in the tub with me and would tuck himself into bed with me also. I believe some cats dont relieze that they are cats lol.
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I bought a cat harness so I could take my cat for walks but he just wasn't having it. Everytime we went outside, he would just find a sunny spot and sleep.
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