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I'm bored!

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Someone please entertain me. I am on lunch now, but since I have food poisoning, I really don't want to eat.

So what are you doing?
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watching a Law and Order rerun.

Waiting for a Ewan McGregor movie to come on at 1. I lurve Ewan! Also sitting with a heat pad on my back - hurt my back the other day and so resting. Was planning to go swimming but I have decided its not warm enough.
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Funny story: This AM I went to feed Tillie here in the computer room. Of course, the other cats think that, since the food is being served in another room, if must taste better than the food in the kitchen, so they were trying to get at it. She will not eat with other cats around, so I evicted them from the room so she could have her breakfast.
BAM BAM BAM BAM Romeo and Sasha were banging on the closed door trying to get in. Jules was crying piteously as if he had never been fed, ever. I opened the door and hissed at them to get them to stop. Obviously, I make a pretty scary cat, because they FELL over one another RUNNING away top speed! They all got chub-tails and wide eyes! Mommy is a scary cat!
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I guess the food is always better on the other side!
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I have a kids camp song running thru my head right now

"I am slowly going crazy 1-2-3-4-5-6 switch. Crazy going slowly am I 6-5-4-3-2-1 switch"
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Hmm- what am I doing? I am reading a post that adymarie is bored!

Actually, I just finished proofing MeowMews and working on an article about guitar playing cats.
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i think i might be bored-er than u! I got out of school at the end of april and since then spend all day sending resumes and looking for jobs and nothing much else!! Oh and watching soap operas.. and laundry and stuff. woo. I have such an exciting life. I just played with my cat for like 3hours til he decided I am not that much fun and is hiding from me
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Isn't sad when you tire the cat out and not the other way around!
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Hi! I got off of work early today! So that I can take Luna to the vet!
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I've been suffering with migraines off and on the last few days. Ick! Since the weather keeps changing from sunny to rain, the pressure changes really do a number on my head.

I took Nakita out for a walk in the backyard earlier, since they said it was going to rain this afternoon. Here's a tip for today: Do not try to take pictures with a 35mm and hang on to the cat's leash at the same time!!! Does not work!! All you get are blurry pictures!!


Who says that you don't learn something new each day??

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Hope you are feeling better soon Kass!

Viva - how did Luna's appointment go?

Thanks for keeping me occupied everyone!
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I taught music at a summer day camp for a quite a few years, so I can teach you a new camp song if you want!

I have a car; it's made of tin. mi so so so so la mi so so
Nobody knows what shape it's in. " " " " " " " re re
It has a mirror and a running board. (Same as line one)
It's a Ford, and it has four doors. (Same as line two)

(Then say, with hand motions:

Honk honk! (with your palm)
Beep beep! (Pull ears)
Watch out! (Cover eyes)
Don't crash! (Make something up; I don't remember!)

Repeat the second part, with hand motions faster and faster and faster! I have more songs if you're bored tomorrow.


Well, you asked!!
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Thanks Jeanie - I am always looking for new camp songs! I will sing that one to my niece, and possibly my co-workers
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I'll just bet you are!! LOL
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Nope not too bored today - I am only at work for another 1.5 hours - I have a doctor's appointment.
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I hope you're well!
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