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Wellington and Biscotte - still an item

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I have been too busy to take pictures recently but last night I got a whole lot. Here are some of the best of our ideal couple.

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I just love those two together....they make such a cute couple!
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Awwww They love each other so much!!!!!!
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AWW!! Cute! They need one of those couple names like Benifer and about...Wellingotte?
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That is SO sweet Jenny, She was truly sent by an Angel to help Wellington wasn't she
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Oh my they look so precious together
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I love seeing pictures of those two cuddling! They're a match made in heaven, that's for sure!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
That is SO sweet Jenny, She was truly sent by an Angel to help Wellington wasn't she
You cant help but to be filled with warm love to see these pics. Wellington and Biscotte have helped each other Wellington, you sweetie, you are being looked after
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What a sweet couple!
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I just cannot believe that Biscotte has been with us for two years now. Although she and Wellington occasionally seem to go 'off' each other, it never lasts for long and they are almost always in each other's shadow. When he goes out, as he does for an hour or so each day, she sits at the window and watches for him and as soon as he comes in she greets him at the door and rubs against him with little chirrups.
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Oh my stars that is soo sweet! Ah, true love!
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Gah... too cute... how long have they lived together?? I wish my cats got along like that.. lucky them for finding each other
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These two were simply meant to be. I especially love the last pic with the look of complete satisfaction in Wellington's eyes. He is magnificent, and Biscotte is so cute. If they are going to have a celebrity name, it should be Biscotington.
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What great pics. Really heart warming!
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For new(ish) members, I used to have another white cat, Napoleon, who was Wellington's brother (He is featured beside my username). Very sadly, he died in Oct 2006 of poison and Wellington was inconsolable for weeks. Then in early January 2007 Biscotte appeared in the barn, 5 months old. I took her in and Wellington immediately adopted her. She adores him and it has turned his life around.
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...and I'm familiar with the story from the very beginning, and was here when Biscotte adopted you, and THANK GOD you live in France or I would have figured a way to catnap her! Biscotte is one of my favorite TCS kitties. I don't know what it is about her - that adorable face, her fur that looks SO soft - but I have a total crush on her (as you know!)

Biscotte heard Wellington's pain and I totally believe it was meant to be. I love pics of them together.

Thanks Jenny!

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I know, Laurie! Thanks. Her fur is very soft - it is funny, isn't it, how different cats have different textures to their fur - my vet says it gets stronger and tougher if they live outdoors (another thread on that perhaps?)
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OH those pics are so sweet! I love seeing kitties cuddle!
I'm one of those new(ish) members and didn't know the background. I'm very sorry to hear about Napolean! God must have sent Biscotte just for Wellington! They sure are beautiful kitties!
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