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Feline gas? Super stinky... and has not improved...:)

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About a month ago a neighborhood stray decided that she really wanted to live with me and my 2 current cats, Hurley and Gooch. Im a total sucker... and just couldnt turn her away, she was super sweet and very well now I have 3 little buddies....

Even though she is a female, I have been calling her Stinky Pete because this cat has the WORST gas on planet earth, no joke. These super powered kitty farts could strip paint without a doubt. For the past 4 weeks she has been eating the same diet as my other 2 cats, and there has been no change in the odor at all. She still farts all the time, and they can pretty much knock me over.

I have always feed the cats both wet and dry cat food. I keep the main foos dish full of ther dry stuff (9 Lives Seafood Medley) and all 3 cats eat that during the day when the mood strikes them to munch. I also put down a small can of wet cat food (9 Lives in assorted flavors; Ocean Whitefish, Chicken Nibblets, Super Supper, Chicken and gravy chunks) into a secondary dish before I leave for work in the morning. Hurley and Stinky LOVE the wet food thats for sure, and between both of them they consume the entire small can in one sitting usually. Sometimes they get a second can at night if they are still hungry....or its a special treat (1 or 2 times a week). Gooch does not care for wet food whatsoever....she prefers the dry food and sticks with that.

Hurley and Gooch are both very active, healthy and have always been at optimum weights even though they have always been free eaters. Great digestive and urinary health, no furballs....ever, and both drink lots of water. Stinky Pete appears to be very healthy too... besides the gas issue obviously.... she is very active, lots of energy, beautiful coat, clear eyes, drinks a ton of water too, etc......just super bad gas.....

What could cause this? I made a vet appointment....but its not until April 2nd. What can I do for her in the meantime? Should I switch to the IAMS food or something else? Hurley and Gooch didnt really care for the more expensive food for some reason when I tried to feed them that in the past. Everyone seems to like the taste of this 9 Lives stuff the best it seems.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I just realized I posted this in the wrong section....can this post be moved out of the behavior section and into the appropriate sub-forum by chance? Stinky Pete's gas problem must be affecting my higher brain functions!!!
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Zoey had stinky gas and runny poops. She had giardia and had to be treated. A trip to the vet would be my best advice.
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I would first get a fecal sample tested to ensure she is parasite free.

Second - 9 Lives is not a very high quality food. Often gas/digestive upsets are caused by a foot not agreeing with the kitty. Just think - I can eat a burrito no problem, but my dad? Whew - digestive explosion. Not everyone can eat the same food. You can search the forums for food - I guess I've had success with Purina ONE Senstive Systems cat food....maybe see if you can't find that & give it a try. Just remember, if you switch foods, do so slowly over a period of 2 weeks ideally....will mean less (further) digestive upset.
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My guess is a lot of the issue lies in the 9 LIves.

Have you smelled that stuff? How could it smell any better coming out than it did going in? Blech!

Not to mention they're new and their bodies are still adjusting to the new food.

Perhaps try a slow transition to something like Authority (Petsmart) which isn't much more expensive, but better quality?
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I would first get a fecal sample tested to ensure she is parasite free.
Lola had stinky gas when we found her, it was Ghiardia. Once she was treated, the gas went away.

If the fecal test comes back negative, it could be a food issue. I've had good luck with Iams Healthy Naturals for my cats.
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Java was also a stray when i got her, & she had awful gas! later on, she developed diarrhea. the vet said she had an 'intestinal bacterial overgrowth' & gave me some antibiotics... which helped some, but didn't solve the problem completely. he gave me a 2nd round [might've been a different one, too] & then after that was done i gave her a round of probiotics [bene-bac]. this last thing solved the problem for good - no diarrhea, no soft stool, no gas!
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My vote is for giardia or parasites (worms). Is April 2 the earliest you can get little Stinks to the vet???

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