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little man is getting nuetered today....

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I am sure they will tell me but is there any special care that should be done after?

Also he is just over 9 1/2 mo (will be 10 mo. in 10 days. LOL) and the vet commented about how big he was and laughed at his name little man. LOL he was about 8 - 8 1/2 lbs or so.... they weigh them at that one by picking up the cat and weighing themselves and the cat then seeing what the scale says after they put them down (and of course little man hadn't had any food or water since about 11 last night so almost 12 hrs or I bet it would have been a bit more) but the vet when looking in the carrier before he even saw the size of his body said he wouldnt' have been shocked if I said he was 16-18 mo because of the size of his head etc. then he took him out and commented on how big he was......

when to cats stop "growing" and filling out? he is on the thinner/leaner side but is tall and long and does have a big head.

they are also testing him for the cat scratch disease. they said it normally doesn't bother cats but ppl can get very sick from it (which I knew). he doesn't show any "markers" for it but he said that it can be silent sometimes. I never knew there was a test for it or that cats "carried" it..... I had heard of it before though. and they can treat them with antibiotics if they have it. I don't think he does but figured get him tested since I have kids.

but with the "extra" tests the bill is est at $283!!!!!!!!! and that is for shots and WITH a 50% off snap cerfificat for the neuter! that was the cheapest est I found!!!!! sure wish I could find one here that the neuter was $50 normally! LOL this place is $96 normally but most est for just the neuter are est. at $200-$300!!!!!!!!!
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Here is some good your LittleMan has a speedy recovey and an uneventful surgery
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Little Man!!!!! I was wondering how he was doing the other day. We need pictures of him!!!

for Little man and his operation!
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With male cats there is generally not much to their recovery. Sometimes you can't even see the incision. That said, I've only had one boy neutered. The rest of my cats are all girls. The boy came out of his carrier at the end of the day and started running and jumping like nothing had happened.

I'm glad I don't where you do. My vet charges seem to run about 1/3-1/2 what other people are seeing.
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Little man is doing good. like I said not so little anymore. LOL he thinks he is a human baby and begs for me to pick him up. hahaaa! he really does act just like a little kid. he will put his front paws up on my legs and stretch out to be picked up if I try to move he will stand on his pack paws with his front ones still up so then of course I have to pick him up and he has happy as can be. if my daughter tries to take him from me he litterally leans in to stay with me. if she is holding him and I walk by he reaches out to me to take him. he is very attached to me! LOL (mmmmm wonder if it has to do with Angel making me babysit him all night long from the time he was about a week old till about 10 weeks old! LOL) even at the vets when he was on the table he walked over and laid down pressing into me as CLOSE as he could get. and was fine there as long as I was holding him. heehee. such a funny boy. but he is very loveable and sweet.

here is one picture from a couple weeks ago (not the best)

and he was dirty because he had gotten into the fireplace and played around in the soot. UGH
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He has grown into a beautiful boy! Your right he isn't so little anymore!!!

He will always be a very special boy!
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He is home and so groggy. I feel so bad for him. he just looks so dazed and confussed but is sleeping it off in my room (just hope he doesn't pee my bed! LOL). they said he will be like that most of the night and should be ok tomorrow and back to himself in a few days.
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I'm a little late in seeing this, Glad the surgery went well, vibes for a speedy recovery
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Glad the surgery went well! Neuters usually recover super fast, so he should be tip top tomorrow. Depending on how your vet closes (glue, dissolvable sutures, no closure), since he is a big boy, his *ahem* boy parts were probably big too, so you may see a tiny bit of blood. If he's like my boys, he'll be running around like crazy tomorrow and won't even know the difference!
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thanks. he finally perked up a bit around 10pm but still wouldn't eat or drink. finally took up some wet food to try that and he ate some. but poor baby looks soooooo sore now! he will be laying there then you can see he is very uncomfortable and he shifts. think he is wondering why it is so painful down there right now! my poor baby boy. but it is nice to see him more "awake" even if he is still just sleeping he can at least hold his body and head up now.

there was no closures. haven't really been able to check down there since he has been laying with it in the blankets or 1/2 sitting on it (off to the side) and didn't want to bother him too much. but figure i should check to make sure there are no problems.....
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That picture is so cute!

Our dog was neutered today...$280 for the surgery but with medications and such it came to $330. This is a 50+ lb. labrador retriever though (male).

Our shelter has spay/neuter vouchers that you buy for $50-55. You take it to a participating vet and it covers the actual surgery (though not the bloodwork, medicine, etc.).

The only cat we've spayed (the other two were spayed/neutered before we got them) was Chloe and she was 5 1/2 months old. The total was something like $220 or $250. That was definitely on the high end for the area were living in at the time.
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