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Wednesday DT

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Good day everyone! I am spending way too much time on the site today, but I don't feel like working! I was off yesterday due to food poisoning and I still don't feel 100%. I just feel like taking a nap, preferable with kitties. It was so cute yesterday - Excalibur kept want to curl up on my tummy and snuggle, but that hurt. Finally he managed to put 2 paws on my legs and 2 on my chest and lick my chin - he made me feel better.

I am in a very weird mood today. I am not happy, I'm not sad or mad, I kind of just "here". Do you ever have that kind of day?

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the 1st show of the Amazing Race! Don't miss it all of you reality TV buffs!
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Adrienne, I have that same kind of mood right now! I know what you mean.

Sorry to hear you were ill. Food poisoning is nasty! What was it that did it?
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I think it was a hot dog at the race track on Sunday. I started Monday night with it. Who knows it could just be a flu bug? The doctor made me wait for 40 minutes for a 2 minute exam!
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Food poisoning is NOT nice at all. I got a bad case of it - I ended up with gastroenteritis and was sick for 2 weeks. Nasty! I remember the doctor saying if it is food poisoning/bacteria, it lasts more than 24 hours and if its a virus, it only lasts 24 hours. So every time I feel sick, I judge by how long I am sick for before I know what it is
I hope you feel better as soon as possible but I am glad you have lovely nursemaids! Such sweeties!

The weather is a little wonky here, warm, then cold, then warm. *sigh* I want some summer weather - my patience is wearing thin!

Have a good day ya'll!
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Weather here's gone crazy too. Supposed to be 75 today, yet it's cloudy and a chance of rain (not that rain's unusual around here) I have to try to get off my bum and go to the store today, on my own. I hate leaving the house by myself, but I'm making an effort to change that.

At least by doing the shopping myself, I can get the cheap brands without Mike knowing
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I was so bored today that I did over 40 posts! I still managed to get a lot of work done. This site has made me very good at multi-tasking!
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Aye Curumba! as Bart Simpson would say, get Better Soon
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Didn't do much at work, today. Final exam, tomorrow. Since I have a 93 average, so far, I should be OK. Friday will be paperwork and I have the weekend off.

Bill doesn't know it, yet but we're going out to dinner, Saturday night. I have a coupon, from Black Angus. Two filet mignon dinners, appetizer sampler platter and Big Mountain fudge cake - $32. This is a double payday, for me and I'm buying! (Actually, I've earned a night out.)
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