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Daily Thread Thurs March 12th!

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Morning peeps!

Well yesterday afternoon, I though I was getting a touch of a cold. But today I feel great! My nose is a little stuffed but other than that I am really feeling fine.

I went to bed at like 6pm yesterday, then got up at 10pm..then went back to bed at 11pm after I ate something. And it worked!! I slept the germs away

No plans tonight other than the grocery store..I am dangerously out of food.

Have a great day folks! Stay warm!
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Good morning!

I'm so ready for this week to end. It HAS gone by pretty quickly, I just cant wait to sleep in again though

After work, I'm going to go pamper myself and get a mani/pedi Our pole fitness party is this Saturday, and we have choreography to a song to perform there for our SO's, family, etc (whatever person you bring as a guest). I figure getting my nails and a pedi done will be relaxing, as well as look even better for Saturday

Then tonight I start my second round of pole fitness classes Still in Spin 101, because they require you to do it twice before moving up to Spin 201 [intermediate]. I've been dabbling with some 201 moves lately though

Going to be a long night, will be SO ready to fall asleep once I pick up Rob after pole class.
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Well its sunny and cold (5F)(-4F with windchill) but the weatherpeople promise that this will be the last cold day until late fall. Will have to see if they are right!

Going shopping later this morning as I have a bridal shower gift to buy and I might was well look for a wedding gift as I have a bunch of coupons for Macy's.

Then some picking up around the house. I was so embarassed as Neil had a co-worker stop by to borrow some tools and he showed him parts of the house. I hadn't put away my purchased from the flower show and there are plants all over the kitchen table plus dirty dishes. Yikes!!

So thats the plan so far today. Making shepherds pie for dinner tonite so I beter stop at the grocery store for a few items as well.

This month is sure going by fast!
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Today is my first day off of 6 days!!!!

Another freezing cold day today With the windchill it's -37 Celsius (-34.6 F) It's been like this all week

I have to go to the bank and cash a cheque, return an over due library book. I didn't get an email notifying that my hold was in so I missed it. If I would have placed another hold on it I would have waited another 6 months or more to read it so I borrowed the express copy which had to be back in a week and owe $2.00 for each day it is over due. Unfortunately while I finished reading it, I was working and didn't have time to go to the library. So now I owe $6.00 It wasn't even a very good book....Kathy Reichs' latest called "Devil Bones."

After that I have to go to the place that made my orthotics and have them file down a bit on the inside edge of the right one because it's causing me a blister/callous. Then off to Starbucks for my mocca frappaccino *yum*

Then I am coming home to do a bit of cleaning before going to the chiropractor this afternoon.
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Well, at least it's sunny here! Cold, but hey nothing like out west!
This busy week got even busier thanks to a co-worker getting sick. Need the weekend to come already.
Have a good day everyone!
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Good morning

It actually snowed and the kids were quite disappointed with that. It's not going to last though, I think tomorrow its supposed to go up to 0, the weekend is supposed to be in the mid single's.

I'm sore today from playing on the Wii yesterday. My one arm is useless LOL... but at least I got some exercise yesterday....which is good for me.

It's going to be a relaxing day for me. I want to try and tidy up a little bit, and do some more exercise today (lower half today). That's bout it.

I can't wait for the nice weather...I want to get my bicycle down, and go walking. I've gained slightly over 20lbs since Nov. due to not being able to do anything with my arms. Walking is an issue because I cannot handle the cold, plus my arms will swell with walking. I am so out of shape, but that is not a surprise. I haven't been able to do much in the last 4mos so none of this is a surprise, just disappointment.
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Morning All!!!

Sunny but very cold here today. It is kind of depressing after having the warmer weather at the beginning of the week.

Not up to much today, have to run a couple of errands, but that is about it.

Tonight I am just going to putter at the computer for awhile then curl up with a big bowl of popcorn to watch CSI and the 11th hour.

The kitties are all napping in my bed. Lazy bunch that they are.

Everyone have a super day.
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We're back to more seasonable late-winter temps here. We've got a high in the low 40's (F, obviously) and on-and-off rain all day. Today's a good day to get some work done and be happy that I don't work outside. Speaking of work, I straggled in late today anticipating that I'll probably have to stay late and help out in the lab. Today's not a gym day, so I can work late without having to worry about finding time to work out after work. After work, I have some paper work to take care of at home, including donating some money to charities. I always tend to agonize over which charities to donate to because I like to ensure that the small sums I can contribute make the biggest difference, so I'll spend hours doing what should take 5 minutes. If I get everything done, I'll probably surf the net a bit and play with the kitties.
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I had all these great plans today to get up early and do a spring clean on my house. All I have managed to do so far is sleep in til 9:30 this morning roll myself out of bed make some coffee and settle on the couch with the kitties. It is now 1pm and we are all still on the couch and in our jammies

I think I will lounge for another 30 mins or so and then get up and do some housework. I have pork chops to cook for dinner tonight and our cookie bin is empty so I may make sometype of goody for later.

I am getting my hair done this evening after dinner which I need because my bangs are so long I can't see a darn thing half the time.

I hope everyone has a great day!
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I'd like to be positive but i'm having a crappy day.

We have some photographers here from the architectural firm that designed the new Cardiovascular Center at the hospital (where I work). They are driving me bonkers and making ridiculous requests like, "Can we make sure all the lights in the front of the building are on at 7pm?" Hello, all those windows are in rooms with critical patients! The nurses would have heart attacks if I called and said, "Hey, will you go into all of your sleeping patients' rooms and turn on the lights?"

Just one of those days.
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Today I have a touch of a cold. I have been fighting it off for days and it's worse today. I went to give the dog and cats fresh water and the water is shut off. I thought my pipes in my house froze but thats never happened before. I called the city and they have shut off a couple blocks in my neighborhood to repair pipes, I wish they would have notified us!!! I really love my morning shower and I guess I don't get that today and I feel really icky right now.
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Nothing going on much here, hope your cold is gone. I am trying to get here more often since I have more time. I am waiting to get a new siggy with my newest kitty Autumn but I haven't heard anything yet but here is a pic of her:

My heart is still broken after losing my girl Misty, I miss her like crazy.
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Originally Posted by LaRussa View Post
Nothing going on much here, hope your cold is gone. I am trying to get here more often since I have more time. I am waiting to get a new siggy with my newest kitty Autumn but I haven't heard anything yet but here is a pic of her:

My heart is still broken after losing my girl Misty, I miss her like crazy.
I'm pretty sure there's a siggy waiting for you in Completed signatures!

Today is Friday and Friday is normally exciting for most people but it means back to work for me.

I'm just relaxing - got a few things done this morning I really needed to do on Tuesday I'm about to go for a big walk (it's lightly raining here but I mustn't use that as an excuse!!)

After my walk I'll come back and cook some lunch I think I'll walk past the grocery shop and grab some coleslaw and fresh tomatoes and have that along with some crumbed fish for lunch!

This afternoon I'm going to be working on 3 essays so if you see me on TCS you know I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing!

This evening I'm going to the 'Amazing Maze N' Maize' visit this website and then you can have the song stuck in your head too! It's about an hour and a 1/2 away but we're going with a few friends but it's closed if rains so I hope it doesn't rain!

I probably wont be back from there till at least midnight but Kieran & I have to get up at 6am because we're doing fundraising for my cat club! Isn't he a good man?!

Have a good day folks!
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