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Binky is in Love

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We all know cats can somtimes seem pleased with them selves, but Binky gets the Vanity Award. Lately she has taken to sitting on the bathroom counter and looking at her reflection in the mirror. This morning while gazeing into her own eyes she started purring!
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Well, she knows a gorgeous face when she sees one! Can you blame her?
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Maybe it is just a sign that you aren't worshipping her enough!
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That is just soooo cute!
The deaf cat I fostered - Penka, some of you will remember her, lives with the woman who is now my landlord and she has noticed that Penka (renamed Snow White) will stare into the window for hours, looking at her own reflection. So she moved Penka's bed under the window, and sure enough, its Penka's favourite spot.
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How sweet! i can imagine Binky admiring herself.

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neo wants to know if she has a boyfriend she is a very pretty kitty!!
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Awwww! She just knows how pretty she is!
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That is so adorable! I've never heard of that before! She's a beautiful little girl, though. I can see why she did it.
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STOP! Neo, Yogi wants her.. Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrr

heheh how cute binks, infact my elmo does exactly the same thing ( he's my gay cat I hope no one is offended )
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That sounds SO cool!!!!

I've never heard of a cat so much in love with itself that it purrs at it's own reflection - LOL!

Poor little Binky - sound like she's not getting enough love and adoration!!!
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