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Cat Collars ???

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So, I have an almost 6 y/o cat (spayed). We've had her since she was barely a week old. Her mom left her out, we put her back in, and the mom kept taking her out... we "rescued" her. She has been a strictly indoor cat all this time. Lately she has been getting out, mainly in the backyard, but this last week she has gotten very brave and gone out of the yard, clear across the street completely. She comes back, but I don't want people to think she's a stray.

She does not wear a collar. She wore one when she was younger, but it drove her (and me) insane, it seemed it was more of a hazard than anything. It was properly fitted, but she still tried to take it off and nearly chocked herself. We are trying very hard to keep her from getting out, but all she does is stand by the door and runs out at the first crack of it. I also feel bad, because she is a cat, and I'm sure she needs and like all that sunlight, and newly found freedom.

Why do cat collars come with a bell on them? I can't imagine that's good for their ears. What other alternatives are there, to keep people from thinking she's just another stray?
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Can you build an enclosure for her? This can be done fairly cheaply, and will keep her safe while she enjoys the outdoors.

Or harness train her, mine go out on harness and love it. My sister trained her 8 year old boy, so your girl is not too old to learn.

Collars: make sure you're using a breakaway collar, they come apart easily under little pressure. Some on here recommend Beastie Bands too.
Mine don't wear collars, but for past cats I always removed the bells.
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The bells are to (theoretically) warn birds and other prey that the cat is coming. Any cat worth his salt can silence the bell if he wants to though (Hennessy does).

You can remove the bell if you want. Sometimes a collar with no tags (stitched with info or with a flat tag attached to the collar) are more easily tolerated. Make sure it's a breakaway so kitty cannot hurt themselves with it.
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None of my cats wear collars, when I did buy them though all were fine with them except for Trouble!!poor thing was convinced something was affter him and was running from the sound of the bell on his collar!I mean he flipped out so no more collars!They are all chipped anyway and don't go outside!
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Both of mine wear ragtime collars with boomerang tags - it is a very comfortable setup, and they are not bothered by it at all.
Please reconsider letting him out. It is so dangerous... Especially for a cat that has always been indoors... Can you proof your fence, and make sure she can't com out?
If you go to our forum "crossing the bridge", you will see many kitties that escaped for a night or two only to be found dead... This week alone we lost 3. Please reconsider - you are not doing a favor to your cat by letting him out.
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
Both of mine wear ragtime collars with boomerang tags - it is a very comfortable setup, and they are not bothered by it at all.
I would just like to add that I have a collar from ragtime (and the boomerrang tags) and I think it's great. The collars are very durable but if the cat ever gets into trouble, it'll breakaway easily. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good collar. I use to have a bell too but with the tags I found it unnecessary.
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Originally Posted by happynadia View Post
What other alternatives are there, to keep people from thinking she's just another stray?
How about keeping her inside?
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Thanks you all.
I would love to keep her inside at all times, but with little kids in the house, they don't always close the doors behind them. On another note, Leela just literally seats in front of the doors everytime someone knocks or rings, and she just blasts out of here. It's a very quiet neighborhood, we all look over each other. I don't think I can build an enclosure since we have an HOA.
When she does get out, we just kinda stand around waiting for her to come back. She's never gone for more than a few minutes at a time. She's just challenging us is what I think. Most of out neighbors know her... but it's the newer neighbors we have I don't want them thinking she's a stray.
I'll go to Petsmart later and check those Beastie Bands. Putting her info on the actual collar was exactly what I was thinking about doing.
BTW: She got a hold of 2 lizards yesterday and left them on our porch. That's suppose to be some kind of "offering" to us isn't it? We live in AZ so there are lizards everywhere.
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yes, she loves you and is trying to make sure you're well cats are indoor but my boy tries to be a door dasher. I've got them in collars and tags, just so everyone knows they're 'owned' kitties, but took off the bells. I've got to look at the boomerang collars as well.
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Don't know if anyone suggested it, but what about a micro chip? Yes it's not as obvious as a collar, but my cats have both (& they are strictly inside cats, but Jordan does run out the door sometimes). I may be paranoid, but the collars help people know they belong to someone & the micro chips are back up in case the collar comes off. My cats collars tend to come off when they are wrestling, right now I can't find Maggies.

As far as collars I agree that you can take off the bell. I've done it in the past.
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Another rec from me for ragtime collars with a boomerang collartag. If she's bothered by collars, it's a great setup. Super lightweight since it's made of fabric, no dangly tag to annoy her, and they break away pretty easily if she gets caught in something so you don't have to worry.

Every now and then I find one of ours naked bc they snap the collars open when they're wrestling!
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Originally Posted by Rang_27 View Post
Don't know if anyone suggested it, but what about a micro chip?
Both my cats have a micro chip even though neither has ever been outside.
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yet another boomerang tag user here. I use those on breakaway collars. I'm developing quite a collection of handmade breakaway collars from etsy. I've got several from "themoddog", "themodpet", and some from ragtime as well.

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