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Does your cat like to be brushed,mine does,but only for about 2 minutes,she purrs real loud and does mrow mrow lol. Must be the dry skin?
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My 4 cats like to be brushed, I use a cheapo cat brush I bought at Wal Mart. I tried the brushing gloves and more expensive pet brushes but they didn't like them
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I have one that LOVES to be brushed. You can make a lifelong friend if you brush her. She'll just lay there and purr, and purr, and PURR!! She'll eventually start drooling if you brush her long enough. My other cat doesn't prefer to be brushed, but she'll tolerate it for a few minutes just before settling down for bed.

I use an old dog brush, a comb, and the Zoom Groom. The Zoom Groom is the BOMB in my house for BOTH cats!
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My 2 yr old cat loves to be brushed with the fur removing's just a metal circle that has little teeth around one side, anybody else use that kind of brush? And it's great at removing loose fur. Makes him so soft! My 5 mo old is not much of a fan of any brushing, lol.
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The brush is the way my brother made friends with my kitty. She use to run from him but he caught her one night napping and started brushing her. She's since decided he's OK to be part of the family and plays and goes to him She LOVES her brushings and can never get enough!
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Mnie love to be combed, they line up for a turn Ana is hard to comb as she rolls all about purring, the boys purr but are more sensible and will stay standing.
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I have a few that attack the brush when they see it!!lol but then I bought the gloves and ALL of them love it
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