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So frustrating!!

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I am starting to look for a house to rent for August. I live in a college town so if I don't start early I may not be able to find a house. I was able to find my apartment last year by pure chance since I decided to quit my job and move out of OH in a 2 week span of time. I absolutely cannot find an affordable pet friendly house!! I want to go back to grad school so I really don't want to live in a loud apartment anymore, but even townhouses are super expensive! I am looking at at least $1000/month. That is by myself so pretty expensive. Hopefully, something will fall in my lap like it did last summer.
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Sorry the house hunting isn't going your way. It's been such a pain every time I've looked for a new place, so I feel your pain! I hope you find the perfect place soon. Good luck!
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So you are looking for a house? It's not impossible to find in my area a two bedroom small house for like $800 per month...but it would be crappy looking. If I was looking for a place to live i'd live at an apartment just cuz they are much better at fixing things for you when you need them to and it's easier to maintain...I would not see the lack of space as a disadvantage. But that's just me...Good luck!
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If possible could you look for a house with a roommate? Then it would only be 500/mo.

Good luck tho... I hope you are able to find something.
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I live in an 1100 sq ft apartment now but I live in a college town and that means loud! Even in an apartment like mine that is mostly families! I thought about a roommate but the only person I think I could live with is allergic to my cats. Its hard in a town like this simply because the owners of rental units expect everyone to destroy the rental place or desert theireanimals when they leave. I'll just have to keep looking I guess.
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