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Woman fights to wear veil in licence photo

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Should a person be able to wear a veil for ID pictures? I have pulled this from

The Canadian Press

ORLANDO, Florida -- A Muslim woman is going to court against the state this week in her fight to wear a veil that covers most of her face for her driver's licence photo.

Sultaana Freeman sued the state of Florida after it revoked her licence because she refused to replace the photo with one showing her face uncovered.

Ms. Freeman, 35, argues the state violated her right to freedom of religion by demanding the new photo. The state contends that allowing a hidden face puts public safety at risk.

Her lawyer, Howard Marks, said Ms. Freeman believes that taking a photograph of her face uncovered would violate the Koran, the Muslim holy book.

Jason Vail, an assistant attorney general, said police officers use driver's licence photos for many things, such as helping to identify criminals, missing persons and crime victims.

Marks said Freeman received the state's demand that she retake her photo three months after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Vail denied any connection between the two events.
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Um, a Photo ID is supposed to be an ID, that is, let someone be able to make a positive identification of you. A veil or anything else obstructing the photo should be unacceptable, unless you're a superhero. (Would be kind of hard to identify Batman as Batman without his mask. If the Batmobile were to get pulled over, I doubt he'd want to use his Bruce Wayne drivers license...)
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Don't the fundamentalists who believe that women should never show their faces also believe that women must be escorted by a man at all times when outside the home? Wouldn't driving also go against her beliefs?
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I am all for religious freedoms, as long as the are not contrary to the laws of the land!
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Wouldn't driving also go against her beliefs?

Some things just dont make sense Heidi I guess, since she is more "free" in the US, she thinks she can do what she likes. I dont know. I would rather have my face on my drivers licence - if she is covered up like that, it would be easy for others to do the same and borrow each others drivers licences or subject them to theft.
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unfortunately some ethnic or religious beliefs and personal preferences must be sacrificed in the name of security. a friend of mine recently had to shave his facial hair in order get his passport photo taken. i am not saying this should be the case with driver's licences. but the point of a driver's licence photo is to have recognizable image for identification. of course anything that obstructs the view of the face should be removed.
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I used to take passport pictures and I've taken several for woman from Muslim countries--the only requirement those countries have for photo IDs is that the hair is completely covered. I once had to take a woman's photo 5 times because the darned veil kept slipping (she had thick, heavy, silky hair and the veil was made of silk).

There may be a country out there that permits veiled faces for photo ID, but I don't think there is.
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A photo on a license is for identification purposes. Shed the veil, sister!
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You're living in the USA and are bound by its laws. Ditch the veil or don't drive!

Besides, there is NOTHING in the Koran that says that women have to be wrapped up like mummies. The Koran dictates "modesty in dress" for BOTH men and women.
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Is it a jury trial? Lets hope the jury/judge agrees with us.
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No one has mentioned that western women are required to wear the veil, the tchador, whatever you want to call it when we're in their countries--it's only fair to require them to not wear it during certain times, it's not we're requiring them to go without during their daily life (unlike them requiring us to wear the durned thing).
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She is in the USA, and should have to abide by its laws, or go back where she came from.
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Its her 'religious' right to not want to remove the vail. Its also the states right to not grant her a a license if she chooses not to reveal her face.

Thats how I see it, very black and white. Take off the veil, or take a cab!!
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Exactly. I don't think women can even drive in most middle eastern countries.

When a western woman goes over there it's either wear the veil or stay locked up.

Why do they always question us, but never themselves?
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I take passport photos as part of my job as a Pharmacy Assistant. I live in a multicultural town and I have taken passport photos of Muslim women and there has been no fuss about a veil. It even states it on how the passport photos are to be. There is a cross indicating a picture of a veiled woman is clearly unacceptable.

This is also consistent with driver's licences in Australia, and especially Western Australia where it is now mandatory to have a driver's licence with a photo. No photo, no license. The lady should just stop acting as if the world revolves around her and stop her silly attempt at portraying USA as an intolerant nation. (Though it doesn't help with the President using the term Pakis and Grecians. )
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Is this woman actually a practicing follower of Islam, or is she one of the Americanized Muslim groups that use their "religion" as a ploy. Certian groups that claim attachment to the teachings of Islam (Farakon and his followers for example) have actually created their own religion.

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I just wonder how she drives with that darn thing on. How can anyone see when there is such a small opening for the eyes?
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More court time and thousands of dollars being wasted. Follow the rules, don't drive, or leave this country. Simple, isn't it?
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