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How to settle a territorial dispute

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It’s a bit of an understatement to say that Mellie and Twinkie aren’t on the best of terms. Sometimes a little quick thinking is necessary to prevent or defuse a confrontation. As an example, today Mellie was napping on the bed. There was a nice patch of sunshine next to her and Twinkie wanted a nap in the sunny spot. Mellie doesn’t normally allow Twinkie to get that close, so she responded with her usual warning hiss and bared fangs. Sometimes Twinkie takes the hint and backs down, but today he really wanted that sunshine, so he held his ground. When both these cats hold their ground, things can quickly escalate. Since Twinkie wasn’t really provoking a fight, I didn’t think he needed to give up that sunshine. On the other hand, I didn’t think Mellie needed to give up her napping spot, either. So, the solution? A handy pair of sweatpants laid down between them provided a barrier and a line dividing their territory. Both cats gave me an astonished look, then Twinkie turned his back, settled down, and both cats proceeded with their naps. I guess they were both happy with my solution.

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Yup, we've got that problem with Billy and Lazlo. We live in a small enough space that pretty much anywhere there's an issue, I can stand a "stiff" foam pillow up on its side and it'll be up against something enough that it stays up. They don't even have to see each other then!

They look quite content.

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Sounds like you settled that one well!

Kit and Seti snipe at each other in my house. I don't free feed so for dinner and breakfast I put their bowls next to each other and gradually get them to eat so they're almost touching. They've chilled a lot and learned to ignore one another when they eat. It's helped settle them down overall. I doubt they'll ever like each other but that's ok, as long as they can negotiate differences without a fight, I'm a happy owner.
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