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Hi Everyone-Should I Get a Second Cat?

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Hi, I just joined this forum and I need advice on a subject I'm sure everyone has touched on at some point. I have an 8 month old female brown tabby, her name is Boo. She is spoiled rotten, plays constantly and loves my attention. Wherever I am, she is usually nearby, usually laying on top of me or always touching some part of me. I am not home pretty much all day because of work and I feel so guilty leaving her alone. She seems content when I am home. We play fetch, I chase her, she chases me, etc., but I feel like she needs a companion; however, I don't want to risk her hating me or the new kitten. What should I do?
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Welcome to the site Lisa!

I would say, definitely get another cat. Not only to keep Boo company, but just because two is better than one.

I'll move this to the Behavior Forum where our experts can help you evaluate your situation, as well as help you to make sure everything goes smoothly if you do decide to get a second cat.
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I would have to agree that two cats are better than one. Expect there to be kitty karate when you add another, there will be an adjustment period, but should subside. I have 13 cats, and all but 2 of them blissfully love to be around others. The 2 who don't are Coal and Tillie; Coal will tolerate Blondie (who has adopted him as his "Dad" and sleeps next to him) but avoids/ignores the other cats. Tillie is still adjusting to her new home here and the cats, she's only been here about 2 weeks.
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My 8 month yr old kitten, Pixel, also is unofrtunately by herself for most of the day until we get home. I wouldn't want her to get depressed! So I am thinking of picking up a second kitty, a Bengal cat. I hear they are extremely sociable and gentle cats. I'll be going this Saturday to check out a local cattery.
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Let me know how it goes - if I get enough positive responses, I'll be going out this weekend, too, to find Boo a playmate.
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I always say the more the merrier, but we are at our limit now (5) as one of our older cats has emotional problems and we don't want to stress her out. All of ours love playing together and are still very affectionate with us. A house is not a home without fur everywhere!
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I should point out that I did have to kitty sit 2 kittens, they were siblings, a while back - my kitty, Boo, and the other two kittens were probably 5 months old. Boo had nothing to do with them, hissed constantly, would bat her paws at them and then run away, ignored them as the siblings played together. However, by day 3, Boo was in heaven - they all played constantly and even slept together. So, does that sound hopeful that she will like another playmate? It was 3 days of pure hell until she accepted them, though.
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I am so happy that you are researching this before you bring home a new cat (rather than waiting until there are problems after trying to introduce the two kitties).

Mary Anne (Hissy) has written an excellent article on how to introduce cats to each other.Click here for her article.

Also, if you go to Search (at the top of the page) and type in "introduction" or "introducing" into
the search (have it look only in the Behavior forum) you will find lots of great threads on introducing a new cat into a home with other cats.
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I join everyone here saying - Get a Second Cat!!!
You wont regret it. Mary Anne's article is excellent, if you still haven't read it - do so, it will help you get a better grasp of how to do this.

When I decided to adopt cats, I wanted one. Then I realized the cat will be alone most of the day, which isn't fair. So I adopted two cats!

I do hope you will go and adopt from an animal shelter. A cat rescued by you from a shleter will be grateful, and you will enjoy it, knowing you gave a good home to a cat that could end up on the street or even put to sleep for the lack of good homes!!

please let us know how it goes! Good Luck!
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Oh, and I forgot to say: the "three days of hell" you were experiencing is what you should expect at first. It wont be easy for Boo to get used right away to another cat brought in. BUT, if you do it properly, Boo will have a great new friend, and will have someone to play with when you're not there!
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Thanks so much - I will let you know. Kittens are hard to find in my area and I don't dare get an older cat so it may take a few weeks to do this. I just hope that if I do this, Boo will still want to play and cuddle with me.
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Wow...where do you live that kittens would be hard to find???
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I am in Maryland - they go quickly, but was told it is easier to get them in the summer.
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This is kitten season. They should be no problem at all to find!!
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lisa1124, can I see a pic of Boo? Did you name her after the little girl from Momsters Inc? lol, cute name.

here's Pixel, my kitty:

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Your kitty is precious! Beautiful color. Let's see if I can post a pic from the office - if not, I'll do it from home tonight. And yes, she was named after the little girl from Monsters, Inc. - wonder what I'll name the new kitty?
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Beautiful cat!

And I shall also chime in with yes, more the merrier. We have three. Isis, Niko, and Mischief and if I had a farm I would get more. Or if I had a house. heh. Cats are wonderful, and in pairs they are very cute.
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Lisa, Im sure every shelter in your area is bursting with kittens , there should be no problem finding one!
Be sure your kitten is healthy and old enough to be adopted (it should be about 2 months old at least).

All the mommy cats are having babies this very time of the year, so I hope you find a new soul mate pretty fast! you won't regret it!!
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I just wanted to say that I think having two cats (or more) is definitely more fun than one. I think they enjoy having a buddy. I enjoy watching them play.
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I too have thought about getting a second cat. I have a 10 month old named Galileo (Leo for short) and I am at work all day. I am nervous about getting a second cat cause I live in a small apt and my boyfriend wasnt happy when I first got Leo. (He doesnt live with me but that may happen in the future). Yet, I think Leo is lonely and could use the company. I also live in Maryland and got Leo from a great organization called Heaven's Gate Cat. They have been really supportive and I have seen some kittens there but they go fast.
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Well, looks like majority rules - a second kitty it is. Thanks everyone. Oh, I tried to post a pic of Boo but my pictures are too large and I don't know how to make them smaller. She is a cutey!
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I'm gonna go against the majority!
Cats are like a gateway drug. Once you get one, you start thinking about two. Then another one will stroll into your life, and you'll say, "Well, what's one more?" You'll bust out with another litterbox.. If three cats are no problem, what's two more? Once you've got five, you're going through those big bags of food in a week - You know, those bags you looked at when you had one cat and said, "Gee, it'd take my little foofy three years to eat that much!"

No, really. Two cats are better than one.
My cat Diesel is about three, and he's never been a social kind of guy. He didn't care for my second cat, Hobbie... But he's in love with her kitten. They frolic, they play, they snuggle.. The kitten hisses at Diesel, and Diesel laughs (well, as much as a cat can laugh) at the little pipsqueak. Now that Diesel and the kitten are firmly acclimated to one another, Diesel's acting like a real cat again - Playing, meowing, walking around the house, laying down in the middle of the kitchen.

Kittens = Good.
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Of course hun there is one thing you have to realise... all of us are biased for one simple reason.

We love our cats.

I for one would keep all 7 of mine If I could.

~ Salem
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the more kitties the merrier!
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Lisa, I'll tell you all about how tomorrow's visit to the Bengal cattery goes. I'm sure I'll fall in love with one for sure!

Ohhh! today at the local pet shop, I saw a kitten that looked identical to Pixel! (spanish calico) I was so close to picking her up, when I held her, she didn't even take her claws out! She was extremely cozy in my arms

I'm hearing different things about Bengals' behaviours - some people say they are quite the handful, while others say they're lap kitties. I wouldn't want the different "personalities" of my 2 cats to be totally off-balance!
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i would say 2 cats are definately better than one, they do get lonely by themselves!
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Hi and welcome!

for Boo!

i have three kitties now.

Daisy is my first kitty. (Her baby pix is in the avatar on the left) She was pretty spoiled in the beginning. i am sad to say, she is still very spoiled.. teehee!

i think it is great to have new additions in the family. This way, they have siblings to play with, etc.

Smiles and Cheers!
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Please be wary of getting a kitten from a petshop as they often are ill. If the kittens are from a rescue group that comes in with them you are much better off getting one of those.

Do get a second kitty you won't regret it!
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I second the post about not getting a cat from the pet shop if you can't take the trouble and expense of a sick kitty. They are nice kitties if you can take care of them, but expensive as all get out in the long run. My vote is to get one from the shelter, or if you really have your heart set on a particular breed check out several breeders first, don't buy the first one you see. We all know not all breeders are responsible people.

Of course you know my vote on whether to get another cat -- go for it.

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Well, the search is on for a new kitten for Boo - I'll let you know what happens. I hope Boo will still want to nap with me once she has a new playmate. lol.
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