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Question Of The Day, Wednesday - March 11th!

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Hi! Sorry this is so late...I had a doctor appointment in a neighboring town, and just got back!

Here's today's Question Of The Day!

Do you have a favorite article of clothing?

I have an old (rather ratty looking now) BUM Equipment sweat shirt that I love to pieces (literally!) The neck and cuffs are getting so tattered and worn, but it's just so comfy, I can't bear to part with it!!! I also have a big black fuzzy fleece robe that is my weekend attire of choice, when I don't plan to do anything or go anywhere, and what I change into as soon as I come home from work!
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My pink "Life is Good" Hoodie
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I have a nice fleece pullover that I wear all the time when it's cold out. It's pretty much my 'lounging around the house' attire during the Fall->Spring months.
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I have a pair of Levi's skinny jeans that are my favorites. I wear them probably 5 times before washing... I actually have another pair of the same jeans, but I like this particular pair so much more for some irrational reason!
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I have this grey sweater which I wear around the house when it is chilly. I have had it forever.
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I have 2 favs of the same thing. Both are cotton lounger pants. 1 has cat faces all over it and the other coffee mugs. As soon as I get home I throw one of them comfy. Do I match a shirt with it? NO. My friends and family are so use to me wearing outlandish colors and prints when I'm just being me at home. Last night I had on my dark red coffee mug pants , a green print t-shirt and light blue feet socks (it was chilly). I even go get the mail in it
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DH hates it but it is my nightie. It has fishes on it. It is so comfie
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These super comfortable pair of jeans, which now have two huge holes in the knees. It limits me on when I can wear them now! (not to work)
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same feelings here about the Jeans!...
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I have a big Pink Fleece robe. I wear that thing all the time. My cats think it belongs to them and if I sit down with it on or lay it on the bed they all try to climb in and sleep in it. Sophies mother loved it so much she tried to give birth in it.
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My favourite would have to be a big, baggy blue T-shirt from the op shop. It's so comfy and perfect for lounging around home and doing the chores.
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Anything jammies!
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Do you have a favorite article of clothing?
What I am wearing now. A special type of pants available at sporting goods stores that roll up but never wrinkle. Can be washed in as motel sink and be dry in an hour. Have velcro pockets so you never lose anything and have zipper-out legs so convert to shorts. Very expensive but on the other hand, I could wear what I have on right now the rest of my life.
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Probably my jacket that my brother got me for my birthday last year.
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I like my yoga pants....they're really comfortable!
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My water buffalo leather motorcycle jacket.
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id have to say my big cozy hoodies, i hate jackets and would much rather wear a big cozy hoodie instead, my faves are my: triple 5 soul hoodie, and my ecko hoodie wich ive had them for a few years, ill always buy them in a size too big and they are so cozy!
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A reversible Billa-Bong hoodie. I wear it all the freakin' time.
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