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I have a pregnant cat Help!!

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Ok, here's the story. My family moved to a new house, we are renting. The previous renters left their cat there. I kept her because she is super sweet, good to the kids and just a great cat in general. We have lived there a month and a half and I am beginning to think that she is pregnant because her belly is getting bigger and she is getting her milk. My question is, how long are they pregnant for? and i guess after she has them i will be needing other advice.
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also, I do not know what to do for her when she goes into labor.
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Do a lot of internet research on top of taking her to vet. It's probably a good iidea to just get her checked out and to get an estimated due date (though sometimes they're very inaccurate) The vet will give you tips on what to do if she needs any help. Are you keeping her indoors? You should if you're not. You don't want her having the kittens outside and then them becoming "stray" cats. You should also start feeding her kitten food? Do you know how old she is? Best of luck!
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Well, its not completely true that outdoor kittens turn feral and wild. Our cat had 2 litters outdoors on our back porch in a little carboard kitty nest and they grew up happy, social and all got good homes. If the mama is friendly and tame, her kittens will be the same way with lots of love and attention. You should get a large carboard box and cut a groove in it for the mama to get in and out, but not too big so that tiny kittens can fall out. A large towel on the bottom is much better than newspaper and more comfortable and easy to clean. I would put the nest out ASAP so she can start to get used to it. Keep her food close by the nest as well. Keep us posted!
post #5 of 9 must keep us updated! If you can get pics up, it would be easy for us to see how far along(though we are no experts).
Here's a really detailed site all about it.
Oh, yes, they're pregnant for about 9 weeks(60-67 days)
As for labor, she'll be perfectly fine on her own! Just let her do her thing!
Good luck!
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There are lots of excellent links here:
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Cats are pregnant for 9 weeks. The earliest I have had is 62 days and the latest is 69 days. Has her milk come in? all swollen around her nipples? Generally speaking the milk supply starts to come in around 2-3 days prior to delivery of kittens. When the kittens are born make sure you keep them nice and warm. Mothers milk will start flowing freely about 3 days later. Colostrum prior to that. Good luck to you with this. Sheryl
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Yes, I'm sure all will be fine! No need to get over excited or anxious, cats have babies all the time and things rarely are complicated. Keep us updated with pictures!
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thank you all for your answers, unfortunately i don't have a way to get pics up because I use my work computer. I have had a cat that had kittens before, but it has been a while. My biggest concern is keepng my 2 1/2 year old away from them because he loves pepper. and she loves him but i know that e can not manhandle the kittens. I though her milk had come in but i think her nipples are just getting bigger. I do not know how far along she is because she must have been pregnant when we moved into the house, we have lived there for 45 days now. The renters before us left her there. I do not know why they would do that because she is an excellent cat!!! but anyway. Thank you for your advice and I will keep you updated as to what is going on with her.
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