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Hello Everyone. I just joined this forum and this is my first post. My real name is Hannah. Flea is a nickname my brother gave me when we were growing up. As I type this, our new kitten, Melody, is waking up from a nap and winding up for some new adventures. We adopted her from a nearby animal shelter last Friday. She is 9 weeks old, white with black and gray splotches and very tiny. She is so cute! :-)

We have four other cats. We adopted Clancy, age 11, and gray with white and gold splotches from a no-kill shelter a few years ago. We also have Einstien, age 12, and the only purebred cat I have ever had. He is a flame-point Himalayan and so sweet. Isaac, age 2, was rescued by my daughter from the pound where he was scheduled to be killed the next day. He is a tiger stripe and incredibly intelligent and sweet. Even people who have lots of experience with cats think he is exceptionally bright and would probably be either in a talented and gifted program if he was a human kid or on ritilan. :-) I will share more about him in future posts. Newton, almost 1, was also rescued by my daughter. She found him walking down a very busy street last year in front of the house we were in the process of moving out of. He is a duplicate of Isaac except for a white spot on one toe on each back foot. He loves to cuddle and very attached to Isaac who showed him the ropes :-)

I love talking about our cats almost as much as I do about my kids. I don't want to rerun too much more information that is in my profile. I do have other interests besides cats that include baking bread, reading etc.

I love cats because of their independence, sensitivity, graceful or sometimes not so graceful movements, beauty and zest for life. They give us so much joy and love.

I truly look forward to being apart of these forums.
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welcome Flea! all of you 'kids' both furry & not sound wonderful! I think you're really going to it here!

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I am kidding Hannah! What a beautiful name Hannah is. Welcome to a really nice board full of information and love. Bless you for adopting out of shelters looking forward to hearing all about your cats and maybe seeing some pictures? Welcome!
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site!

It's very nice to meet you and your feline buddies! I know you'll enjoy our cyber-family here.

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Welcome Flea! Your cats all sound adorable. Your daughter sounds like a cat lover too.

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Welcome to TCS!!! Sounds like you are going to fit right in. It sounds like you have a wondeful bunch at home.
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WELCOME FLEA!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you have joined us!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome Home!! Your gonna Love it here. :flash: :laughing: It's a Great place! :blubturq:
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