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Poor Titan...

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Not only does he look funny but he is so skinny. He weighed in at 12 lbs which is about 4 lbs less than what he was 9 months ago when he ran away. He is a very large/tall cat. He has started to eat better and the vet wants me to give him all the quality wet and dry he wants to eat for now. Should I be giving him anything else? Poor funny looking guy...
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How old is Titan now?
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Poor guy...he does look funny with the hair cut, but I can see he's a handsome fellow underneath it

that he just needs a few good meals...
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OMG! He's a gorgeous boy! He just needs some groceries!!!

Is he a Raggie????
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Titan is about 1 yr 9 months old. He got out during a move when he was almost exactly 1 yr old. He is gorgeous and HUGE. I don't know who his father was but his mother was an all black, neighbors cat.
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He is a gorgeous cat!even shaved and needing to gain some weight
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Oh, he's so handsome right now - wait til he's back to full strength and weight!
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Poor skinny guy!

Hope he gets some weight back on soon. Bet he's glad to be home
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Does he feel like a shorn lamb?

It may take a while to get him readjusted to being inside, eating some specific food, etc.
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He feels really nice and soft. I think he is a little embarrassed though, he is normally very handsome looking
His appetite is returning slowly, I think we will get some weight on him
I am still amazed that we got him back
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Oh what a handsome guy. He's got the most beautiful face

If you're giving him a high quality cat food, I wouldn't change anything.

He will gain back the weight over time. It's better that way than gaining too quick. IMHO.
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I still think he's young and I hope he will put on weight in no time!

He's gorgeous!
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