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Male spraying Odor

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My vet told us that the spray odor would not accure if we got our cat fixed?

Does anyone know if this is true or false??

I know they still will have the obility to spray I want to know if the odor should have stopped? He had a testicle that did not drop properly and I am wondering if something was missed?

I will be trying to get a urine sample to have it checked for UTI.

Thank you for any help
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So you are saying they will still spray after being neutered, but there will be no smell? I've never heard of such a thing. I just know most stop spraying all together. When was your kitty neutered? If it was recently done, you should not expect the hormones to leave his body until a few months after the neutering so that may be why he is still spraying and there is still a smell.
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The odour will decrease if they continue to spray after neutering, but it will still smell.
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From my experience, it does NOT stop the spraying, or the smell! it is really depends on your cat, I have 9, & some do it still, and others never do. It makes me crazy, once they learn this behavior it is very hard to change it. I have had no succsess in it at all, have tried all products also, I am getting the scat mat to try & sssscat spray. Good luck to you, I hope it cured your kitty.
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He was fixed in June 08. Nine months ago now. He had not been marking things. Then last weekend he sprayed something. It would be fine if one could find the location. That is the only way one can get rid of the odor completely. It took a few days for the odor to diminish to a bear able level.

So if it continues on a regular basis and there is no fix for it I know many of you will not like the reply (and neither do I) but he will not be living in our house!!!

I just wish we would have been informed properly to begin with at the vet's office. I did not go to school for animal health so I have no way of knowing you sure would think they should have known. I did not like it that they where removing the testicles all together (which changes the appearance) I was told that was the only way to assure the odor would not continue. I will have to continue to research where this odor is produced in the cat. If a vet watches these threads and could reply that would be great.
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Sudden spraying like that is often an indication of a UTI. I would get a urine sample tested ASAP - can your vet get one? I say that as the longer it goes on, the harder a UTI often is to treat & the worse the spraying gets.

(IMO, cats who have UTIs also have very stinky urine)
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ticthis, I agree with white cat lover, they usually do not start spraying out of the blue unless something is wrong with them, could be something around your enviroment like another male cat hanging around, that would cause it also. I don't know why your vet told you these things, but to my knowledge, altering the cat does not change the scent of their urine. I have 9 cats, and they all have different size testicals, my one cat looks as though he was never altered, when I asked my vet about this he said, it is the fat content left in there that gives the larger appearance.
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