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****URGENT- Cats Need Rescuing ASAP! Please Help!

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I worked for my cousin Judy. Recently I went to work and found her in a pool of blood. She was dead. She had fallen down her basement stairs and hit her head on the cement floor.
Judy loved cats and always took in strays to give them a good home.Now my son & I are in the position of finding homes for them as her brother wants them gone as soon as possible.
We have found homes for quite a few but we have 4 upstairs cats left and 6 basement/outside cats left.
The upstairs cats are tamer but they are a 1 owner cat. They know my son & I so we are able to pet them but I don't know how well they would respond to strangers. I think with love and patience that they would be ok but probably not around kids as they have never really been around kids.
The basement/outside cats are semi-feral to feral. They would make good barn cats.
I need to find homes for the rest of these cats that Judy loved so much or they will be put down.
Judy was not only our cousin but one of our best friends and my source of income. This loss has been very hard. We would take in the cats and try to work with them while looking for homes for them ( which would give them more time) but since I lost my source of income I do not have any way to afford to care for them
Any advice???
Please help!
If you would like to adopt one (or more) of these cats then please let me know.
If you know of anyone in the thumb of Michigan area that would be interested in adopting any of these cats then please let me know.
We have 2 rescue groups in the area that have taken in some but are full at this time.
Judy's brother wants the cats out as soon as possible so we are running out of time and cannot wait for openings at these rescues. Besides, they want cats that are adoptable right now and I cannot guarantee that with these cats.
Many of them are able to be pet and held by us as we were over there so much. The stress of being in a carrier, going in a car and meeting strangers makes them freak out. But, as I said before, with some love and patience I believe that many of them would be wonderful loving pets as they were that way with Judy.
Please help us to find homes for them
Thank you
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Oh my God, what a sad story. Have you tried the media? Alot of times they are looking for a good human interest story. When people see the plight of the animals, especially because of such a sudden, tragic accident, they offer to adopt them. You and your son have good hearts. Many blessings to you both for trying so hard to save Judy's buds.
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I am so sorry for your loss. You are so kind to try to help the cats that she loved so much.

Just a thought, are there any no kill shelters in your area or surrounding area that will take possession of the cats on paper and let you foster them to get them ready for adoption? Especially if you explain the circumstances and what you are trying to do. If you foster the shelter pays for vet and food.

Worth a try. Bless you for all your efforts.
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Wow! First of all, bless you for taking responsibility for these cats! I am sooo sorry for your loss!!

Where in the thumb are you located? Can you expand your search to place these cats? Cats that need socialization are going to be a tough case, since there are so many already in rescue and shelters that ARE ready for new homes.

Try Petfinder. Go to the area across the top of the front page where it has "shelters" listed and they are there by state. You can search by city after that.

Why is the brother in such a hurry? Does he plan to rent the house or something? Or SELL it? Ha, ha! Given Mich's economy - good luck on both counts.
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I agree - go to a local paper!

You can also search here: http://www.pets911.com

or, as someone else pointed out, at http://www.petfinder.com. If you search within your zip, every cat with a listing there has an organization associated with it. Each org has a contact page or link to their website, which will have contact info. Search for an org that has people that can foster these "not ready to adopt" kitties.

I am so sorry for your loss.

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