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Going to be MIA for a while

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Things are just getting to the point where I have to get myself together and think about my family..Not that I haven't been, but life is hard right now...I have to explain to you that I am thankful for everyone's replies to my post about mil and sil wanting to clean my house...They aren't going to, I told dh in a nice way that I didn't want them to...mil's house is much messier than mine is, and i told him if she wants to clean a house, then clean her own...If he choses to say that then that is fine, but if she asks me, I will tell her...
Things just aren't as good as they need to be in the family right now..My sd and I just don't get along very well, and I have to say the reason is because of my wall I put up next to her...I have alot of anger issues to deal with, and not just from her, but from myself and dealing with things...I am not leaving the site ok...I will be around here and there, just not posting as much...I don't know what i would do without this site...I have told my husband how much I love coming here and he knows and understands....I just have to get priorities in order for myself and my family and all I ask is just to pray for us...Not because things are bad, because they aren't bad, but it is more like I said, a "ME" issue more than anything....I can't deal with certain issues with sd, and I need to in a better way than I have lately.....Thanks for understanding for all who reads this......((hugs))
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Kathy, we're here for you! Sending you a great big hug and lots of nosebumps from the gang.
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Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. Take as much 'me' time as you need
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I know you will get everything worked out for the best! (((hugs)))
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Kathy - I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. We will miss you if you don't post often, but I understand completely your need for putting your family 1st.
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I have a friend who was much in the same boat as you. Gripped in the grasp of the Internet, she started letting things slide. She was on all day just about. Her mil came over and would clean the house- she has a hubby and 3 kids. Still, she was trying to get a business going via the net and she just sat there at the computer chugging away. The telling straw came the night she was reading her emails and she got one from her 11 year old daughter that read "Mommy I don't feel very good." She rushed into the bedroom where her daughter was sitting at her computer to see what was the matter. The daughter's appendix had burst! She rushed her to the hospital and the little girl is fine now. So is she, she doesn't get on the computer except during specific times.

One thing that is good, and bad about the Internet, is it never closes, it never sleeps. It is up to each of us to determine if the Internet is going to be our life, or if we are going to live life and use the Internet as a useful tool. Someone that I so respect on here will tell me from time to time, that the Internet is not real-life. No, it is not, but it is certainly a unique outlet to view other cultures and meet interesting people, and for people such as myself who could be labeled socially dysfunctional, simply because I would rather write to someone than talk to them face to face, it is both a god-send and a curse.

I hope you find the answers you need.
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I know what you mean Kathy. I am a bit of an internet junky. When it starts interfering with your life it time to cut back. I try to pick a couple of days a week where I dont turn the computer on at all. Take care.
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Good luck, and take care of things.
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Wishing you well, Kathy! I feel like I've just started to get to know you and look forward to the times when you are visiting TCS. You are such a wonderful person. Remember to take time for yourself as well. I hope your difficulties right now will be short lived and life will get happier and easier for you soon. Sending thoughts and prayers to you and lots and lots of (((HUGS))).
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Take all the time you need, Kathy. We'll be here when you get back. Hope you get everything straightened out.
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Hope you resolve everything Kathy! Good luck!

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I'm a StepMom too and many people don't realize how hard that job is (with none of the little respect or honor a biological mother gets). I hope you can work things out and don't be afraid to try therapy--it can work wonders.

We'll be thinking of you and sending lots of good thoughts.
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