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Driving study.

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Do you do any of these? Taken from cp24.com

There's a not-so old expression that says "hell is other drivers". That appears to be the conclusion many have reached, if the results of a new poll on driving habits is accurate. The survey, done for the American Automobile Association, finds those in the 26-44 year-old age range admit they engage in risky behaviour behind the wheel.

Among the most common offences: eating, putting on make-up, speeding, talking on cell phones, and even reading. Thirty per cent admit running red lights, 26 out of 100 don't use a turn signal, 28 per cent neglect their seat belt, 10 per cent confess they've driven while drowsy, and a scary seven per cent of those polled acknowledge making a lane change without looking. And get this guys: women were found to be safer drivers than men, with an 11 per cent less chance of doing something risky on the roads.

The biggest irony from the study: despite the admissions of serious chance taking, few of those polled believe they represent a danger on the roads. Most estimate the true problem lies with other drivers.
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Part of my job involves driving, so I am on the road a LOT. I have seen some pretty unbelievable stuff going on in other cars! I know I am guilty of some of the offenses you listed; with being on the road all the time comes eating in the car, as there is no time to stop to eat! I make sure to limit my eating to things that can be put on my lap so both hands can go on the wheel, and beverages with caps that can screw back on tightly so as not to spill. I don't see that eating is as bad as spilling your food and panicking to try to dry spilled soda or clean ketchup off your shirt!
I do use my cel phone, but always with a handsfree headset while driving. And I pull over to the side of the road and set the alarm on my cel phone's clock for 10 minutes when I am drowsy. I would rather arrive late than not at all!
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I saw the story on this too, and I have to admit that even some of the worst offenses could be fairly innocently done. For instance - reading. OK, I have seen some idiot trying to read the paper while driving and that's what you generally think of, right? What about reading the directions to where you're going - ever done that? What if you read them while at a stop light - does that still count?

The other real interesting thing about the study is that 70% or 80% of people surveyed thought that the roads would be much safer if we raised the driving age to 18. Going through a route that high schoolers take every day, I TOTALLY agree with that!!
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I'll eat while driving. But one of the worst things I've seen lately are people reading while driving (and they're not reading a map or directions--it's books and magazines). I've seen this a lot lately. I drive a van so I can see into a lot of people's cars and see what they're really doing.

I hate being behind people on the phone--they are not aware of what is going on around them and they slow way down (I guess in order to compensate), but they don't get into the darned slow lane!

Anyhow, I've also seen people driving along the freeway have conversations. UGH!

I used to put my makeup on in the car, but only at stoplights.
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Another thing that I've seen in the past couple weeks is exhibition driving by motorcylists. Out here in CA the motorcycles are beginning to come out in droves. The ones that scare me are the groups of teenagers who sometimes don't even have a helmet on and aren't wearing any protective padding and they're popping wheelies on a busy interstate freeway!

Also here in CA, motorcyclists can drive down the lines on the highway in between lanes when traffic is stopped. I don't know how many times a motorcyclist has scared the living dickens out of me doing that.
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I don't do any of the things mentioned. I've personally known too many people who have died in traffic accidents, including a good friend who I went to boarding school with. I see my driver's license as a privilege not as a birth-given right as some of the lunatics that I share the road with.

I have been driving for four years now, (I am only 22), and have never had any traffic infringement, not even a parking fine. Although I have had people almost sideswipe my car because they don't look before changing lanes, people almost running me off the road while merging even though they were behind me, they thought they had the right of way, tail gators who think that there is no speed limit. If it's 80km/h, it doesn't mean that it's a minimum limit, it indicates maximum. Round-a-bouts are the worse. I would have to say that at least 60% of the population wouldn't know how to use one correctly. I've had two very scary near misses on round-a-bouts due to other drivers indicating incorrectly.

I drive with the view that was instilled into me on my first driving lesson, (a lesson that could have cost my life as a drunken driver was driving on the wrong side of the road), that everyone else is a moron.
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Roundabouts are very scary. We have very few of them here in the US and when we do, there're extremely accident prone. God forbid they should have any of the traffic equivalents that you see on them in European cities (haven't been anywhere else so I can't comment on them there). Here they like to put them in residential neighborhoods to slow down traffic, like that even works.
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