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We got a collie!

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I haven't been around TCS much lately, and here's one reason why... Last Monday afternoon we adopted a sweet doggie named Brenna. She is a purebred rough collie, almost 6 years old, and a former breeding dog. She was retired from breeding and purchased by some people who expected her to be a perfect indoor pet right off the bat, even though she had been kept in a kennel outdoors most of her life. So, they were really hard on her, and she is now very shy and timid. But we believe she still has a spark inside, and eventually she is going to come out of her shell and become a happy, well-adjusted companion! Oh, she also was given a pretty bad haircut at some point in the past, and her full coat has not grown out yet...but she's still a beauty! Anyway, enough's Brenna!

Max figured out how to walk across the wires on top of Brenna's crate...too funny!
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She's beautiful!
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Wow what a beautiful beautiful girl

I hope she opens up when she realizes from this point forward, she will now have a completely different life.
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One of my favourite dogs. She's a beauty. I'm so glad she has found an understanding and loving family now.

I truly wish people would more more thought into getting a pet so this kind of thing wouldn't happen.
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She is gorgeous! Kudos for you for adopting and older dog... They need loving homes too! Congrats!
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Also one of my favorite dogs. When I was a girl, my aunt had a female collie named.... Lassie, of course! (giving away my age!!) I 'd Lassie. She was a great dog!
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Oh my gosh! SO beautiful! I love collies! (Actually, I love just about anything that's furry and cuddly)
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Awww...thanks guys! Of course, I have to agree that she is a beautiful girl, but I'm a little biased! DH and I have wanted a collie for a long time, and even though it will be a bit of a journey with her, we are so glad she is part of our family. And yes, I'm sure I'm going to get lots of "Oh look, it's a Lassie-dog!" once we start taking her out around people.
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She is gorgeous!

We found an abused and neglected dog on the side of the road one time. She was about 18 months old. Once she gained confidence in her surroundings, she became one of the best dogs that we've ever had. Brenna will come around once she's gained her confidence that she only needs to be a family friend. Sounds like you have your head and heart in all the right places for her!

What a cool thing you've done!!!
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Awwww I love the greying on her face. That is so awesome. She looks pretty happy already to finally have a good forever home I love collies
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She is a absolute beauty! With love and time, I'm very sure she will show you her true personality. Love that photo of her sitting all bewildered as Max walks the tightwire right above her head
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