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quick question

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Today I went to feed the cats in the woods - the leaves in a few places were a mess as if they were looking for food - i just want to know if it was possibly the cats and not another animal

do cats dig???

I cant say there were actual holes in the ground like from something going into it - just a LOT of leaves moved about and slight digging into the ground.

(sorry tried to explain that as best i could)

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Maybe they were digging into the leaves to get some warmth. Is it cold where you are?
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it warmed up for a few days and then got a little bit cooler in the last 2 days. That would make sense but it has been freezing within the last few months and i havent seen this.

I just want to see if its possibly the cats or if its definitely something else (which I hope not)...

I know its so hard to answer - but they will dig correct? and make a pretty big mess???
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They will try to hide their food when they are done eating. I would feed my feral cat from a frissbe and she would try to cover it up when she was done. They also cover up their bathroom breaks.
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This can be the cats "covering" their own pee/poo OR "covering" their food to "save it" for later. It also is a behavior in the wild that saves cats - covering food reduces smells so other predators don't come to the food site(s) to eat. My ferals do it quite a bit.

You may have a possum or racoon eating with the cats but in general I have never seen problems between my cats and possums or coons. Not even skunks or small fox. The only thing I worry about is coyote, which are not
as likely I would guess as the other animals.

I would say you are fine... keep it up! If you want to create a camoflaged feeder ;

take a dark colored rubber maid container (72 quart size or larger)...
lay it on the side, no lid. Anchor the bottom down with 4 bricks or
stones. Place the bowl back in the rear of the shelter formed. This
helps keep dry during rains. I used bricks, then too the cover
and put it ONTOP of the bricks, so that there was a natural platform.
That helped with slugs eating the food...
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thanks for the replies.

Yeah - im still debating on what to do over the summer - with not just possible wildlife coming around (I looked it up and it seems as if none of those mentioned by opilot are hibernators - there had been quite a bit of food left over when it was really cold.... when its warm the food is all gone - again dont know if thats cats or wildlife)...

anyway to finish my thought - im not looking forward to having to deal with bugs!!!! I need to keep feeding in the woods though because of the neighbors' dislike for the cats...

Im already getting shaky thinking about spiderwebs and well... spiders and such.... blah
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We've got woods right behind the house and we did feed up there. Don't worry about bugs - if you've got a trail you walk every day, it'll stay clear.

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