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Taxi Escaped!

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My husband was in the laundry room and walked into the garage to get some tools. He spotted a neighbor and they started talking.

When he went back in the garage to go in the laundry room, he realized he left the door open. He immediately shut it and ran to the front yard to look for any escaped kitties.

He found Taxi, looking terrified and trying to get back in through the front door.

I'm glad it wasn't Minka! The one time she got out at my Mom's house, she ran like hell. The only reason my Mom caught her was because she literally got stuck in some brambles and couldn't move.
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Thank God you caught him Cta can be such sneaky lil boogers sometimes (just like children ) lol!
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I'm glad he didn't scamper off! They're so funny - they're always on the wrong side of the door...or so they think, until they get on the other side.
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Whew! Glad your hubby caught him in time.
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Oh boy - you wanna give us a heart attack??
My heart sank to the floor when I read the subject line... Thank goodness he was a responsible kid!
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
Thank goodness he was a responsible kid!
Or a total scaredy cat!

Just hearing Todd tell me about it made me absolutely SICK! I can't even imagine. He said he was freaking out pretty bad, imagining that he would have to call and tell me that ALL 3 CATS had escaped. But apparently Minka and Leo were in hiding because they heard him talking to a neighbor outside (they are very scared of people they don't know).
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Good thing Taxi wanted back in! Losing a cat that way sucks...I lost Chip that way
Taxi was probably thinking "Sweet sweet Freedom" gets out side "I dont like freedom.." lol
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