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Recently, I changed Pippins wet food from Whiskers/Felix (UK Brand) because it wasn't actually doing him or his skin/teeth/health any good – and because he’d gobble it down in minutes then turn around and bring it straight back up again! But his dry food is quite a good quality so I wasn’t too fussed!

The change went smoothly enough, week before last… a bit more new wet food in with the old wet, until he was having only the new wet food. And he really wolfed it down, and kept it down! Now this week, he’s decided it’s not tasty enough and is refusing to eat it! Oh he’ll have a few bits of boiled chicken instead though and then will turn is nose up at that too eventually…

There is always dry food available, which I know he does eat… and of course copious bowls of fresh water – when should I start to worry? Or should I even be worrying?

Another question is, my new 9 week old little Raggie Milly has taken quite a fancy to Pippins food and is now not even having a sniff of her Kitten wet food She’s had a bit of an upset stomach because she’s stealing Pips food, but she’s also eating her kitten dry food… should I stop her from eating Pips food? It just doesn’t seem fair to move Pips bowl to anywhere else in the house so she doesn’t distract him – afterall, he is the boss and she’s only the new little princess?