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Luna is really really thirsty

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So I've noticed the past week Luna has been drinking quite a bit of water. Well, I don't know if she's drinking MORE, but she's doing it in front of me which she's never done before.

It's hard for me to measure just how much more she's been drinking...

Because I've caught her drinking out of dirty dishes that are soaking in water, and also the kitchen tap at the moment doesn't turn off, there's always a trickle of water, and today she jumped up, put her paw under it so the water flow changed direction and went at a diagonal so she could drink it without sticking her head under the tap.

She's behaving normal, she's as playful as ever, using the kitty litter fine without any problems, and eating fine. The only difference I've noticed is lately she's been eating a lot more biscuits but less wet food (I think she's tired of the flavours, whereas the biscuits I'm giving her at the moment she LOVES).

Should I be concerned? I don't have the $$ for a checkup if she's just suddenly thirsty.

The weather here has been a bit weird lately, really really hot one day, then really cold and windy the next, then back to hot and humid...
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I think it could be a sign of diabetes...but I am totally guessing there.

I would give the vet a call, just to ask.
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Increased thirst in a cat needs to be investigated. It can definitely be a sign of diabetes, kidney disease or hyperthyroidism. Simple bloodwork and a basic urinalysis can easily diagnose these, and the sooner treatment starts, the better. It really wouldn't be in your cat's best interest to wait on this. Make sure you leave lots of fresh water bowls out for your cat so kitty isn't drinking water from dirty dishes. The above conditions, if left undiagnosed/untreated, can really cause a cat to start to feel very crappy and then other symptoms begin. Please find a way to see your Vet; your cat is counting on you.
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it could also be because your cat is not getting the fluids she needs from her food any more if she is not eating the wet food anymore. if she is eating mostly dry then she will need to drink water in order to get the water she needs.

i would still look for a way to get her to the vet. if she is looking to dirty water and drinking excessive amounts of water then she needs to see a vet. i hope that it all works out soon.
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Please get it checked. My cat, who is now dying, started drinking alot months ago. I ignored it thinking cats need to drink. Now, months later, thousands of dollars later, it looks like she has cancer. I have done every test except that one and now it is too late. good luck.
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Drinking excessively, especially from inappropriate places, can be a sign of diabetes or renal failure! Get this baby checked out as soon as you can! BW and possible urinalysis will give you some answers. Catching diabetes early makes it much more manageable. Unfortunately, by the time symptoms are seen in renal failure, the disease is progressed pretty far. But again, it's manageable!! Good luck!
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I totally agree with the others...I have had 3 cats ...that started to drink was diabetic and the other 2's kidney's were yes its something that needs to be checked out...good luck
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I agree also.
My Crf cat drinls a lot of water and taht was one of the first signs in all of my cats that have had kidney problems.
They will drink a lot of water with thyroid problems and Diabetes also and bladder problems.
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just in response to the food lady, she does have lots of fresh water out - i dont know why she chooses to drink from random places, but she has several bowls of fresh water that i leave in all the rooms - and she knows they're there i've seen her drink from them, but then i still catch her drinking from the sink.

i don't know what to do. i know i should take her to the vet, but i dont know if this is really different behaviour or just something i'm noticing because i'm coming home earlier and she's not eating wet food now.

if something is wrong i dont know now if i can afford her. i'm still paying off the fees from her last vet visit. just a check up will cost at least $100, and any tests will be a lot more. oh why oh why did she have to eat that plastic bag...
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If she ate a plastic bag then you HAVE to take her to a vet! If you can't afford it, you could maybye have to make a very difficult disision to give her to another pet owner. It's best to just go and see if somethings wong.
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Originally posted by lunalover:
i don't know what to do.
I have a practical suggestion for you. Since you wrote: "The only difference I've noticed is lately she's been eating a lot more biscuits but less wet food", please, take my advice, and do an experiment for three days. Put away the biscuits you're feeding and feed nothing but wet food. Offer two or three different kinds if you can, foods she used to like, for variety. Don't just offer the same brand/flavor meal after meal, day after day.

If this increased drinking is caused by more biscuits in her diet and very little wet food, you will notice a difference in the drinking on the second day. And you will see an even more noticeable difference on the third day.

If, however, you see absolutely no difference in the drinking by the end of the third day and Luna continues to look for water in inappropriate places, you'll have to think of the possibility of a serious health problem. Diseases that can cause this kind of drinking are diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, gastrointestinal disease/infection, lymphoma and cancer. I hope and pray your Luna doesn't have any of these.

Please, do the experiment and in the meantime make an appointment for her for a very thorough checkup. (Physical exam and blood work.)

For very important food related information, please, read this article:

(Even if she drinks less when you change her diet, a vet visit is still warranted.)
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Originally Posted by tat_and_demi View Post
If she ate a plastic bag then you HAVE to take her to a vet! If you can't afford it, you could maybye have to make a very difficult disision to give her to another pet owner. It's best to just go and see if somethings wong.

oh yes i did when she ate the bag. it was about a month ago - and it cost me about $1000 in total to get it out and get her healthy again. that's why i'm struggling to be able to afford any more vet visits right now, it'd be all good if we hadn't needed to spend that money, but it was a lot of money unexpectedly in a short amount of time
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and an update: i gave her casserole food this morning - i don't give it to her often because switching from loaf to casserole usually causes some runny poop, but i gave it to her and she ate it straight away as well as lapping up the gravy stuff in it and i didn't notice her drinking this morning.

so i'm hoping it's just the lack of wetfood.

i think i'm going to have to start giving her the casseroles or change brands now tho as i've gone through all the flavours by this brand now and she doesn't seem to want them.
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