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Is she a cat? Puppy? or Rabbit? You decide!!!!!

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When my family adopted our cats, Ripley and Cali, from the Animal Shelter 2 years ago, the shelter INSISTED that they were cats. We believed them (I mean we figured that if they LOOKED LIKE cats, then they MUST BE cats).

It didnt take long to figure out that the shelter LIED to us!!!!! Yes, Cali is a cat, but Ripley...... we discovered was a "Puppy"!!!!!! She LOVES to chase balls. We say that she is 'obedient" because she knows her name (Cali has NO CLUE. Either that or she just doesnt care what her name is) and she does what you tell her to do (Cali is the EXACT oppisite, she does what you tell her NOT to do). She also does other things that usually dogs do.

Well, tonight we think Ripley turned into a rabbit. At dinner, my grandpa droped a piece of lettus and she comes and eats it all up!!!!! We were all AMAZED that she would eat lettus. This is because she is EXTREMLY picky with her food. If she can see ANY part of the bottom of the food dish (even if its just a speck), she acts as if the food dish is empty. In order to get her to eat from the dish again, we either have to put more food in the dish or we have to move the pieces around so that no portion of the bottom can be seen.

So when we saw that she ate a piece of lettus, we thought that maybe she would eat a piece of chicken. So we gave her a piece of chicken, well we TRIED to give her a piece of chicken, but she quickly turned up her nose to it!!!!!! Has anyone ever heard of a vegitarian "puppy" ??????

So, we dont know what she is: A cat? A puppy? A rabbit? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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Maybe a hybrid I love how different cats are
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LOL!! silly kitty.....errrrr Puppy?? err I mean rabbit!!! lol
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It's the newest animal speicies!
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Nora love lettuce. Actually, she loves just about any fruit or vegetable, except carrots. We had BLT's one night and we offered her lettuce, tomato, and bacon. She ignored the bacon and gobbled down the lettuce and tomato. Her favorites are bananas, tomatoes, and cucumbers, but she'll eat just about anything. She doesn't like cooked chicken, but she loves raw chicken.
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for similar reasons, we thought kimmi may have been a
rabbit - carrots n lettuces
monkey - bananas
bird - luv sweet corns, but she cant digest them, so they r passed out in whole kernels, still she wans to eat them
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