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Little pics - these should work this time! :)

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Ok lets try this one more time. Sorry to all for the last pics, my photobucket wasn't working the other day so I thought I'd try and post em that way. Didn't realize you had to be registered there to view the pics

Stalking his brother:

The funny face he makes when he eats lol:

Happy St. Patty's day from Little!

I had a friend come over today for the first time since he's really been walking around on his own and he bounded out to greet her as soon as she walked in the door lol And last night I found him snuggled up with one of my other kitties in the bed. It was waaay too adorable, and of course it was too dark to get a pic
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OH how unbelievably cute!!! So precious!
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OMG!!!! He is so adorable!!!!!! And you thought he wasn't going to make it when you first posted!

He is sooooooo cuteeeeeee!!!!!!!! Congrats on such a precious little boy!!
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He gets more handsome with every picture. You have done an amazing job with Little
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Oh gosh he's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!
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Little is so very very cute!!!
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Oh, my! What a cute little man!

I've hand raised kittens and it is so exciting and fun to watch them grow and develop. You've done a great job raising Little!
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Wow, he's a doll!!!!!! Are you keeping him??? You have put so much love and effort into him.....I know I would not let him go
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He is soo precious!!
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Oh my! He's turning into a little character!
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Awww! Such a handsome little man!
He's so darling.
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Eeeeek! I love him! Soooo cute!
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How much should he be eating btw? He gets 1/8 of a cup iams wet food mixed with royal canin baby cat dry food 3x per day, and would probably eat more if I let him. He also usually gets one bottle a day and still munches on the big kitties food too (Hills W/D)
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I don't know what is recommended as the correct amount for a kitten, but when mine were getting away from the bottle I let them eat as much as they wanted. They must need the nutrition if they are still wanting to eat more.

I have only had three bottle fed orphans. Maybe someone will have a better suggestion. He is doing amazing and growing so fast. No wonder he wants more food!
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Aw, Little, you've stolen my heart, you charmer, you. He's the cutest thing, ever! Keep posting.
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AWWWWWWWWW he is too cute! reminds me of my baby, who is now almost 10 mo. old! it is funny my baby is just about all white too but instead of the grey spot like on littles head mine has an "off white/orangy" spot (it changes on how dark it is. LOL) and my babys name is LITTLE MAN! hahaa well it is little man Dozer actually. when we weren't going to keep him we called him little man...... well then we decided to keep him and named him dozer. only he is still always called little man. LOL
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Aww! He's precious! How's he doing now?
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